The 4 H’s Of Network Marketing Leadership

Network Marketing Leadership is a real journey, we are all in a continuous state of learning and becoming better. One moment things are going great, business is booming, people are loving what they do and the next the proverbial has hit the fan and everything has changed. The team go from the emotional high of success, vision and breakthrough to the lows of not believing they can build a business and wanting to quit.

Network marketing leadership is partly learning how to ride the emotional roller coaster of business and life, not only your own roller coaster but that of your teams as well. In some ways you could say our greatest role is to manage emotions and expectations as best we can.

To help our organisation have a great foundation we use the 4 H method of Network Marketing Leadership. I am sure you have heard of this as it is not new but it really does give us something amazing to come back to as a base and reminder.

The 4 H’s are this:

1. Hungry:

Be hungry and in some ways ferocious in your desire to achieve your dreams. The hungrier the individual the more they are prepared to do in the chasing of their dreams. Even though they will go through trials, they will have the “hunger” to pick themselves up and run, they won’t need you to do everything for them. At the start they will have questions but their intent will be to learn quickly and just get on with it. Some like to get into network marketing, they have the dream but they don’t have the hunger or the drive. They would prefer to have someone nurse them and mother them. This does not mean these people are any less important in your business, however at the moment, they may not be the person that will be the dynamic and powerful leader you are looking for.

You may find you have no one as hungry as you at the moment. Don’t stress or worry about it. Always remember that people go through “looking zones” and life changes and it is at these life changes and revelations that the need increases. When the need increases so does the hunger. You just need to be the one that is there to help when the time is right. It is the reason you must always be focused on relationships and supporting your team rather than always on yourself. Of course, you need to know where to put your energy and focus, that should always go to the people who “deserve” it not those who just “want” it. Just write off those that are not hungry at the moment. Always keep relationship with them.

2. Be Honoable:

No matter what level you get to, you will always be learning. Often I see people get to a level and they believe that they know it all. I love the confidence we all get with success, however we need to be open to continued learning and support. There is nothing like having someone who can guide you through the road blocks that are ahead. Letting your new team know that this is part of the journey lays the foundation that they should stay in a place of being “Malleable” and open to change.

It is better for us to bend than it is for us to break under the pressure of network marketing leadership. One of the challenges many have on this journey is they don’t want to change and because they don’t want to change, their businesses stay at the same level or less, this is because the individual leader stays in the same place. Always remember that your business will grow at the same rate and speed you do. I have learnt this personally.

3. Honourable:

All I can say on this subject is WOW. I have made so many mistakes on this journey of leadership, in both life and business. Sometimes I feel like I complete suck (just being honest) however I am committed to being better, to learning and not making the same mistakes over and over again.

Being honourable is an individual culture and then it becomes a culture in your team. You want your team to be people who you can rely on, people who will do what they say they will do but guess what, it starts with you. Starting your new person with this expectation or understanding is a good thing. Help them see that they will need to let go of bad habits and develop good ones. Forming good habits will be a corner stone of your future success.

4. Humble:

This is a topic not many people want to read or talk about. The thought of being humble and realising that this is a people business and that the better you become at working with people is tough. Humility means you take the knocks and when it is your fault, you apologise, you don’t justify, you own it and move on.

Being humble doesn’t mean you allow yourself to get walked over, it is ok for you to not be the scape goat. However stay in a place or learning, we call it “Beginners mind”. think about a child. They are always learning, always asking and the parent is there with a loving and kind heart (hopefully) to guide and direct.

This is just a foundation, something to help them understand what you are looking for and a field they can play in and on.

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