Another Network Marketing Myth Busted

Every now and again we are going bust a myth in network marketing, so lets call todays post “The Network Marketing Myth Busted!” It is a myth that i have struggled with for a long time but it wasn’t until someone I respect confirmed it for me that I knew that what I had been feeling for a long time was confirmed and the network marketing myth no longer had me by its spell.

The Network Marketing Myth is “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”. This myth comes right from the pit of hell and should be never spoken about again in a positive light. Sure I have seen “some” people have this happen because they were fortunate enough to sign up a couple of guns, but in reality for most people, it will never happen. In Network Marketing, Slow and Steady definitely does not win the race. It isn’t the tortoise that wins, it is the hare. So I want to encourage you to be the hare.

Statistics show that the most important thing you as an independent operator can do is to learn and move fast. Get some results under your belt quickly so you have a story to talk about. Remember people want a story, they love stories because when they hear yours, they believe it for themselves. If your story is a story of success, then they believe they will succeed, if your story is a story of failure, it will have the same affect.

Moving fast shows others that moving fast is the key, it creates that magical word “momentum”. If you have been around Network Marketing for any period of  time, you will have heard a leader speak about momentum and how important it is. Momentum is all about speed, so if that is what is needed and every leader says it is critical, why would you believe the network marketing myth that going slow is ok?

It’s time to break this myth and move on.

But how do you do that if you don’t know what to do? Well that is another topic, because most people who know what to do and truly want change in their network marketing career, will get in and get it done. It is the people who don’t know what to do that have the problems.

So it is you that I want to speak to. First please when ever someone says to you that slow and stead is ok, punch them in the nose because they are lying to you, they are not telling you the truth and they are just trying to make you feel better.

Next you need to have a  reality check and look at yourself and what you are doing and ask “Why aren’t you going faster?”

When you ask yourself that question and you are 100% truthful with yourself and your dreams, you are able to take action with the answer that you have.

For many people the answer will be “I don’t know what to do?” or “My network marketing skills are not what they need to be” or even worse “I have been lazy or filled with fear”.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Build your dream like crazy. Cut out pictures, attach emotions to it, see yourself having it and allow yourself time to dream and believe that you already have it.

2. Make sure you are in the right team. Yes the team does matter, do whatever you can do to get bring excitement and energy into that team.

3. Get well-trained. Being professionally trained makes a big difference. Have a place that you and your team can go to receive the same training and have access to the right tools.

So just remember that the Network Marketing Myth of just take it slow and steady is a lie, it is busted and should never be spoken about in a good way ever again.

Feel free to share this with anyone who might be in need of dreaming big to keep them going.

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