My Favourite Network Marketing Prospecting Questions for Prospecting Your Waiter

Do you ever get stuck with what network marketing prospecting questions you should you ask someone to get them interested in your business or product? Like seriously, how do you get someone to say yes to a presentation and actually look at your information? I know it’s like pulling teeth for many people. They would prefer to go to the dentist rather than actually speak to someone about their business or product.

So how to get around this? The answer is besides developing courage, it’s also knowing what questions you are going to ask. I love testing different network marketing prospecting questions. In fact one of the things I do quite often, actually I have made it a habit, when I am at a cafe with one of my team members I show them how I prospect the waiter or waitress or even the people at the next table. Believe it or not, it’s not hard, it doesn’t take nerves of steel or a super special individual. It just takes practice.

I am at the point now, that I would say 80% of people I prospect give me their information. That’s right, if not more. You can ask any of my team whom I have done this with, they will tell you that more often than not, the waiter or waitress will give me their information and be excited to hear from me, in fact many times they will make sure I call them by asking me to make sure I call.

You see knowing the right Network Marketing Prospecting Questions isn’t hard to learn, it does take time and it does take energy and it does take focus. There is no doubting that. But once you have done all of these things (and you can do them all in a day, yes one day) you will have learnt a skill that will never leave you, a skill that when you develop it you will know great breakthrough.

So let’s go through my favourite network marketing prospecting questions and scripts


First impressions are everything, the way you greet someone plays a huge part in how they see you and whether or not they feel good around you. If you think about the kind of days that people may have had, many will have been abused in the past or treated rudely. So when you treat them nice, by starting with a smile, they are more than open to talking to you. You see your networking marketing prospecting questions don’t actually start with you asking them a question, they start with you giving them a smile and being nice.

Also don’t just go straight in. Let them take your order, be courteous to them, and helpful. This goes a long way to making them feel good and trust that you are a nice person. Remember that people don’t want to do business with a horrible person.


After they have served you, brought you your order etc towards the end of your time there, compliment them. Tell them how nice it was to be served by them and how impressed you were with their service and their smile. Tell them it is hard to get good service and it is so nice to receive it.

This will make them feel incredible, you could leave at this point if you wanted to. Just making someone feel good is a wonderful reward and I love it. Speaking life and encouragement is something that fills my tank lol.


Next is the question. The key to a good question is to not do it in a typical non professional way. You should practice your network marketing prospecting questions and scripts well before you take them out for a spin. One of my favourite things to ask is:

 “I am just curious, I have been so impressed with the way you have looked after us/me are you open to look at something else?….”


Believe it or not, people love being prospected, they love the feeling of being “wanted” especially if it is done right. Whether they join doesn’t matter. If you treat them well, they will love the whole process.

To continue on with this script I add “…you see I am expanding my business into this area…”

People love companies that are expanding, they see it as an opportunity for themselves and they will start to put their best foot forward to impress you.


Everyone loves a compliment. Never say anything that isn’t true. They will know you are just flattering them and it has no value. So always give them the truth. Tell them something you have enjoyed about them and the way they have served you.


Ask for info
Next its asking for them to give you their information. The way you ask for it, is important. You must be professional and trust worthy. Tell them what to do. I say:

“…why don’t you write your details down and give them to me ….”

Always tell someone what to do, when you do, they will do it. Be confident though. If you aren’t confident when you ask, they won’t want to give them to you. But what you say next without stopping is important.


Take away
This part in your network marketing prospecting questions is important, it’s called the takeaway. It’s like playing hard to get. No one wants to be “easy”. Just think about school when you were being asked out or asking someone out. No one wanted to come across too easy, and what you have to offer, shouldn’t be easy for them to get involved. You want them to put their best foot forward.

So now add onto the script:

“…I can’t promise you anything. This will be your own business and I am only working with the right people, however it could be a good opportunity for you, especially with the skills you possess and if you are willing to be trained and learn….”


The Promise
Now tell them that you will get back to them in the next 48 hours, and you look forward to talking to them.

Can I suggest you watch the video on this page and I will explain more about this whole process. It is a beautiful script that you can use anywhere at any time and in any situation.


Watch it here:

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