Network Marketing Success Secrets From A Martial Arts Black Belt

I have been training in Martial Arts now for around 10 years, I really love it as a way to get fit and strong while at the same time learn some pretty amazing stuff. In this time frame I have noticed that the network marketing success secrets we all know (so I guess they aren’t really a secret) actually apply to Martial Arts as well.

My instructor would be always giving some kind of lesson that incorporates leadership and life into it. I would stand there and listen while at the same time marvel that the same principles for network marketing success apply in our industries and businesses as well.

One of the biggest things we talk about when we train is that you must be present, your mind must be where you are. If your body success principalsis in the Dojang, so must your mind be.

The next part of this is be prepared to train, bring your mind to the place you are right now not to where it could be or where it was. Successful leaders know that they need to let go of all other distractions, they need to focus because if they don’t they will not be the leader they need to be and the people that are looking to them for guidance will miss out.

Leadership is a great privilege while at the same time a great burden. I hear many people say things like “Why don’t my team do what I do and get moving?” It’s because they aren’t meant to be the leader, you are. In your journey you will find others like you, you will even develop some, but not everyone will be.

The great network marketing success secret you will ever hear is to make you sure you are present. When you are learning a new skill, be present, when you are on a webinar, be present, when you are at an event, be present.

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