Should you be building online or offline this is the big question…(This is my rant for the day)

the truth about network marketingEveryone seems to be on the internet at the moment and those that aren’t are starting to feel as though they are being left behind…

Today let’s look at the truth, and I mean the REAL HARD TRUTH…

First let me say that there are many ways to build a network marketing business, some are better than others. Unfortunately many people are hearing that what they are doing is wrong and that they need to be doing it the way that someone else is telling them…the hard truth about the matter is that the person telling them to change the way they are building their business is not making as much money as the one who is being told…that’s right, most network marketers who are reading different blog posts or articles are being given “Miss Information”, and I am a little peeved off at the whole thing.

Too many network marketers are getting the wool pulled over their eyes by others who just want them to buy a book, join a course or leave their current network marketing business to join another.

I have been around this industry now since 1998, we have been a 6 figure income earner for most of that time and generated 6 figure income earners around the globe and there has been one constant in this business…PEOPLE SKILLS.

It is not about going online or offline…it is about how you deal with the people you are speaking to. It all comes down the conversations you are having and the relationships you are building.

So let’s look at these two areas: Offline & Online and which is right for you.

First let me tell you something…I developed a system called Dual Networking. This system has been designed to train people on how to use BOTH and bring together the tried, tested and proven methods in both areas…so I don’t want you to think that I am biased to either one…I just want you to have the truth about Network Marketing today.

First understand one simple truth…we all talk to people in one way or another. We all develop relationships, some do this better than others, this is just a skill that anyone can learn if they decide to apply themselves.

So if you are born with this ability, don’t you think that it should be something that you develop? It is the people that you build a relationship with that will turn into your biggest leaders. They are the ones that won’t give up because they have the connection with you.

Online is harder to develop relationships, but it can be done.

Yes you can develop a never ending supply of leads, however you need patience and be prepared to put the time aside to learn those skills. Making money in your network marketing business straight away without talking to people in your warm market, is almost impossible for some people, unless they come on board with an experienced marketer who is prepared to show them how to do it.

This is one of the reasons it is so important to have a system and a major support structure that you can be part of. You can learn quickly and build an income straight off the bat.

When google changed the rules about advertising with them, it impacted the online world of network marketing in a major way, in fact many of the major online network marketers disappeared or had to totally reinvent themselves.

However the network marketers who had taken the time to develop the skills with people, just kept moving forward. Sure they may have had a blog and small adwords account, but because they had the ability to get leads from their local market, they were able to continue to grow and their incomes were not hindered.

So what are my thoughts?

  • I believe every network marketer needs to learn the skill of dealing with people.
  • Don’t rely just on the online components of your business, because if the medium you are using at the moment, let’s say facebook, changes the rules, you will be left high and dry with no where to go.
  • Build your list using both offline and online strategies.
  • Use an autoresponder (derrr)
  • Make webinars the connection between offline and online.
  • Get your team to become brilliant with people and release their fear.

Don’t be fooled people..Network Marketing has developed but it has NOT changed. It is still a people business built on relationships.









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