7 Keys on how to handle the Organo Gold Lawsuit

First let me say to all of the Organo Gold Reps out there, you have my thoughts and prayers. The Organo Gold Lawsuit for many will be the excuse they have been looking for to quit, while for others it will be the catalyst that will create a steely resolve to push through and become a great leader. Each individual gets to choose what it will create inside of them, because have no doubt, lawsuits like the Organo Gold Lawsuit will definitely create casualties, and for that reason, I wanted to write this article and video to help as many of you through this time as I could. 

The company we have partnered with, have been through its own fair share of negative press and lawsuits, personally I think they suck and make you truly look at who you are and what you want out of your life and business.

We have been very fortunate though to have been partnered for a long time with an incredible company that has weathered the storms of life and business and has come out exploding back onto the world stage.

And you will as well.

I will cover more in the Organo Gold Lawsuit video below, so be sure to watch it, but for those of you who don’t like watching videos, let me give you the bullet points.

Here are my 7 keys on handing the Organo Gold Lawsuit. These keys can be used by any company, so if you are reading this article and you are not part of Organo, then take the points and use them when the time comes, because if your company is growing or is ground breaking in nature, THE TIME WILL COME I guarantee it.

Organo Gold Lawsuit Key 1:

First you must learn what the reality actually is. When I read in the http://www.businessforhome.org/2015/03/organo-gold-lawsuit-coffee-contains-a-mushroom-with-dangerous-blood-thinning-properties/ article that “Johnson says the product’s dangerous side effects became known to him after he underwent gastric bypass surgery in April 2013 and soon began “vomiting blood and suffering from blood clots.” it makes me wonder. Could it have been “medical error” was there any other things he was taking like “warfarinfrin” because it is hard to believe that a cup of coffee could actually have this effect. I am not saying it didn’t, but what I am saying is that you as a professional needs to get the REAL information, not the information that the lawyers and reporters want to give you. You also need to understand that the Organo Gold Lawsuit will have a “company spin” as well. So not only will you need to get through what the lawyers and plaintiff is saying, you will also need the truth from the company.

Organo Gold Lawsuit Key 2: 

Protect your heart and your mind. Be aware that others are going to want to say “I told you so” and “do you realise you are promoting something that could kill someone” etc etc etc. You are going to have to make a decision to not allow those people into your “happy bubble”. You want to keep your personal sphere of influence close and positive.

Organo Gold Lawsuit Key 3:

Focus on Positives not negatives. Don’t allow yourself to become consumed with all the negative information you will be able to find, for every piece of negative information you find, also read two pieces of positive information. Remember that your mind wants you to stay comfortable and building a business and overcoming obstacles is not comfortable. It is easy to find the negative, it is much harder for most people to focus on the positive.

Organo Gold Lawsuit Key 4:

Build yourself by reading books, listening to MP3’s and attending events. You NEED to become strong, you need to be the professional and understand that you are an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs overcome. These challenges are actually opportunities for you to learn skills you wouldn’t have needed in the past and build a deeper understanding of strength and leadership. Remember people will follow your conviction, so don’t doubt. If you find that you Key 1 is all good and you find the reality is not as bad as is being made out, then keep moving forward and stay positive.

Organo Gold Lawsuit Key 5:

Not is the time that you, your team and your company need to promote like crazy. Find something that is good that is happening and share those stories. Get videos made, images produced and articles written. You want to dominate social media and for the world to see that you are alive and not dead.

Organo Gold Lawsuit Key 6:

Don’t click the negative sites or articles no matter how tempting it is. Google place a lot of weight on how many people are clicking a link, so if you or your team are clicking them, then in the world of google, it is an article that the world needs to know about. It is always interesting to me, these negative sites, get clicked on more by the companies associates and reps than they do by their prospects. If you can train your people not to click those links but to click the good ones, the battle is half one already.

Organo Gold Lawsuit Key 7:

Stay United. I can’t tell you how important this is. Unity COMMANDS a blessing. If a team and a company stay on the same page, then they can overcome.

Yes I know this is a lot of information for you, but it will help you if you take it on board, however it all comes back to key number 1 on the Organo Gold lawsuit, “what is the reality?” You must find out what is real and what isn’t because then and only then can you feel good and comfortable about moving on.

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