practiceWhat if practicing was the worst thing you could do?

Have you ever started something and kept being told that you need to practice practice practice? It seems to be the line used by every amateur coach, teacher and people who have never really looked too deeply into what they are saying.

You see, the saying “Practice Makes Perfect” is a LIE…

Now I know some of you may be thinking “what is he talking about?” but I want you to stick with me.

The “lie” in practicing in your business, work or life in general is, what we practice is what we do.

Now I know that may sound deep so let me put it this way. “Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent!”

This should be a big revelation to many people. If you are just getting on the phones, sending emails, doing campaigns and doing presentations but not getting any results. Then you have to look at what you are doing.

This is where analysing yourself comes in. We have all heard the definition of insanity right: “keep doing the same things over again, expecting a different result.”

So after each email, phone call, presentation, prospecting approach etc analyse what did you do that worked, what did you do that didn’t and what are you going to do next to improve.

Remember, to become the master in your trade, your network marketing business, you need to become better and this only happens when you can look at yourself and ask what can I do to improve my results and myself.

The correct saying is: “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.”

So don’t just get out there and keep doing the same thing if it is not working. Check yourself and start perfect practice. Practice what works…

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Also let me know your thoughts on practicing…

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    2 replies to "Practicing Could Be Destroying Your Business."

    • valera tehpom

      I think it is impossible to earn being at home, only physical work

    • James

      Hi Valera
      that is an interesting point of view. I have been working from home now for almost 10 years and derive ALL my income from it.

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