Protect Your Heart As Your Number 1 Priority

Have you made a serious decision to protect your heart? You will know if you have by the way you treat it and yourself. Ask yourself RIGHT NOW how are you feeling, it will tell you exactly what is going on. The bible says “Protect your heart for out of it flows the wellspring of life”. I want you to know that I have not been good at protecting my heart but from today on I pledge to myself that I will be.

Think about your heart as a young child, your child and it is in your care. It is your role to protect, nurture and look after it and depending on how well you protect your heart determines how well it grows and what flows out of it.

Your thoughts are not the only thing you need to protect your heart from, you will need to protect it from people and influences. You may be going through a tough time and instead of receiving counsel from people with wisdom and who have love, you receive it from people who want to judge or beat you up. I was listening to Graham Cook yesterday and he was talking about the voice of God and it spoke to me so much. He reminded me that the voice of God is loving, caring VERY slow to anger, He rejoices and laughs, He loves me and wants the best for me. He is not condemning He is supporting and even when He rebukes you, you still feel loved by Him. If you are listening to voices that do not love and support you, start protecting your heart more.

In Network Marketing, the people who love you the most (normally and it is in my position) is your upline leader. They are there to help you through and believe in you, going to other people to get the support you need for your business would be the wrong direction to go. If you are lucky enough, your upline leader won’t just be your leader they will also be your mentor and friend. They will speak life when others speak death and they will speak to your good future not to your failures of today.

Protecting your heart will need to become a habit within your life a habit you do each and every day and it will be the best habit you can ever develop. When you start this habit of protecting your heart you may find your body and mind will want to rebel, the great thing is, you are in control and you can continue on this path.

I used to believe that it was good to allow people to be harsh to me, to allow them to treat me like their scape goat and to ignore my feelings and my needs. I have since found this to be wrong. If you are not looking after yourself, you are not going to be any good to anyone else. So now I choose who will be the people who speak into my life. I, of course allow people to talk to me, however I also choose whether what they say will stay in me or if I will ignore it and them.

I choose to protect my heart because I know I have a lot to do and a lot of people to help. Just like you.

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