Robert Kyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is an outstanding piece of writing. Interesting enough, as a side note, it’s strange how the profession that he is best recognized for, being a writer, is actually a area that he failed twice in high school. Amazing!!!Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

It is always impacting for the readers to read about at an awesome success story, particularly if the author writings originate from a place involving true knowledge gained by more than just work experience, but actual achievements. Rich Dad Poor Dad can be described as necessity for all and that is what I’d really like depict in this Rich Dad Poor Dad Review.

Robert Kyosaki has gone on to become undoubtedly one of several 21st century’s great success legends. He has not merely written countless books and faded away, but has literally carried out exactly what he “preaches”. It is just amazing that at age 15 he decided that he desired to get wealthy, instead of learning how to be an employee who works for the wealthy. It did not matter who told him that it couldn’t and wouldn’t happen, he made the decision that he would be rich and successful, and it did. Robert Kyosaki did not just flounder like a mad person declaring that he wanted to end up being wealthy – precisely what is amazing is the fact that he studied with his “Rich Dad” from age nine right up until he was 38. He remained a student. He didn’t just choose at age 21 years of age that at this moment he understood it all, no, he learned and studied exactly what he could accomplish, and in what ways he could get it done, with excellence. Imagine being a pupil for 29 years?

Robert Kyosaki demonstrates in all of his Rich Dad Poor Dad publications the importance of how the education and learning methods in schools really need to change in order to insure to the adults of the future (being kids right now) know how to handle their financial situation for achievement rather than surviving week to week or month to month with the pay cheques they receive from their employeer. Schooling Systems really need to teach, says Kyosaki, how to have money work for you instead of you work for money. He also talks about in the Business School for People Who Like Helping People, that the one of the best ways to get rich is by the means of Network Marketing.

Richdad have exciting resources such as board games for adults and children, which educate how to get a monetary education along with a mentality of the wealthy.

Robert Kyosaki has discovered the secret to how the wealthy become wealthier, and in Rich Dad Poor Dad and many of his other publications, Kyosaki helps make these secrets available to every person. Make sure you don’t miss the train!!!

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    • joe

      The rich dad poor dad series of books are indeed excellent, but has anyone caught the new book “YOU HAVE A COLLEG DEGREE, NOW WHAT?”

      Its an excellent new book and curious if anyone else had read it?


    • James

      Hi Jo
      No I haven’t sorry 🙂

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