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OK I am going to give you a simple network marketing script, in my mind, I think it would be the simplest in the world, but I want to ask you something first, test it before you say anything else. I promise you one thing, it works and it is the one script that my team and I have used for years to generate millions of dollars in sales.

This simple network marketing script is actually powerful in its simplicity and is one you are going to think “there has to be more to it”.

So here it is, please share this with as many people as you like, if they use it, I know they will thank you.

After you have been speaking to your prospect and you believe you will be able to help them, just say this:

Network Marketing Script:

“If I gave you some information on (state benefit) would you look at it?” if you want to give them a video “If I send you a link to a video on (state benefit), would you look at it?”

I love to send an audio link so what I say is “If I sent you a link to an audio I just listened and loved on weight loss, would you listen to it?”

It’s so simple that people say “yes”.

If they ask “what’s it about?” I respond “its on weight loss and I learned a heap and just thought you may like to hear it as well, if not, no big deal.” (I also like to add a 1 line benefit in there about our product as well). I don’t get into a discussion, I want them to listen to the information and I want the resource to do the work for me.

This truly is a simple network marketing script, it works and we use it all the time.

One of our team used this script (in fact he is the one that reminded me of the simplicity of it) in November to help get 14 people started in that month alone.

Yes it does help to have a compelling piece of information and a great product that you believe in.

Make sure you watch the video on how to make sure people actually watch your video or listen to your audio or read your piece of information as well.

Watch this video though before you go, you will learn some more. Also make sure you comment below.

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