The Best Network Marketing CompaniesThese Are My Top 10 Not To Be Missed Points To Finding The Best Network Marketing Companies

Finding the best network marketing companies is a noble pursuit but is it one worthy of your time? We all have the same 24 hours in the day and 7 days in our week, so spending that time looking for the best network marketing companies is going to actually chew up alot of that time. It can take you away from being able to capitalise on the opportunities that are right in front of you.

What I am saying in this? Every company that has been around for a while has major success stories, people earning great money and who have the freedom to enjoy it. Does this mean their network marketing company is any better than someone elses? No!

It is not the company that determines how successful you will be, it is you!

Sure, there are companies that pay out more in their compensation plan, while others have better products, and occasionally you will find one that does both.

Here is a list of things to consider when looking for the best network marketing companies and how to find the one for you:

Or if you like you can watch this video I put together:

1.    Look at the different industries. Which one do you feel most comfortable in?

2.    What are the growth industries?

3.    How much competition is in those industries and, if there is a lot, what differentiates the companies you are looking at?

4.    How stable are they, how long have their management team been in the industry, and at what capacity?

5.    Have they had any bad press, and if they have, how did they handle it? (NB. it would be naive to think that a successful network marketing company is not going to have any bad press)

6.    Do their products or services work and are they competitive?

7.    How much of the product price do they pay out to you as a distributor?

8.    How do you have to structure your business/team?

9.    What support and training do they have available?

10.    How long have they been around and how much money do they have in their war chest for growth?

I would probably keep going, however this is a good start for you. Remember, there are plenty of great companies around, I believe I found one and have been with them for over 12 years.

Don’t be so analytical that you miss the opportunity. Make a choice and move or as we like to say: “Choose and Move”.

I would love to hear from you if there is anything else that you think needs to be added to this list. Leave your comments below.

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