Now before any of you pull out your guns and start shooting at me because of this topic about the business of friendship, please promise me you will read the whole article and understand my heart. This article is not about manipulating your friends, it is about turning your clients and business partners into friends.

Always remember the saying “friends first” if you get that right, everything else will follow.

The other day I was talking to one of my team and I realised that over the years he and I had become quite good friends and he said to me:

“James, you have treated me better than I deserved and for that I will always be thankful”.

What a wonderful thing for him to say, I didn’t know I had, I had just treated him the way I treated others. I have always done my best to like people, to care for them and to give them my best. Yes, I do fail in this many many times but it is still something I strive to do.

Understanding that if you look after people and treat them well, they will always be there however when you decide to go the other direction, you will find they won’t be.

Network Marketing is an interesting business. I heard Eric Worre say that through this business you will find out how you have treated people. If you have been friendly and giving, then they will be more than willing to listen to you however if you were opposite then you will find that you will have a harder job in getting started and will need to spend time developing YOU!

The Business Of Friendship is about knowing that when you have your clients and business partners you will need to treat them the way you want to be treated. Treat them with understanding, with joy, with kindness. Have fun with them and help them smile.
If you are in Network Marketing, do the same with your team. They want to be around people that give life and bring life to them because everyone has “stuff” they are going through and they don’t need your negativity. They need life…

When you look after people, they will look after you (for the most part) when you are in need.

When you understand that the business of friendship not only makes you money it also brings great joy and many rewards into your life, you will make a big effort to become a person that builds relationships.

Many people use the excuse of “that’s not who I am”, “I am shy”, “I am just not a people person”. I have to tell you that these are all excuses and in business, especially the network marketing industry, the better you are with people and the more you do, the bigger your business will become. However if you decide to stay in that mode of “Well thats how I am” then you can expect that people won’t stay, they won’t want to be around you.

The thing I do know though about you, is that because you are reading this article you do want more, you do want change and I know you can have it.

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