What Sets A Network Marketing Leader A Part From The Rest

Being a Network Marketing Leader is not about being given a title and then that title giving you special skills to run a group of people. Leadership is about knowing the skills you have, using them and then expanding upon them, plus being able to find the skills of others and helping them expand theirs.

I have found many types of leaders, some I admire and some I don’t.

However there does seem to be a common thread that runs through the centre of all of them.

That is they are willing…maybe not always able, but they are willing.




In my mind a network marketing leader is:

  1. Willing to do the tasks that need to be done.
  2. Willing to find solutions and not focus on problems.
  3. Takes responsibility. Too many people hope someone else will be the one who is responsible.
  4. They know that it is the person who is prepared to conquer their fears, take on the obstacles and learn the skills who will be the one who gets the biggest reward.
  5. Not willing to stay mediocre. They are prepared to do whatever is needed to change.
  6. Does not focus on the small stuff. They don’t need to be the one in the lime light all the time and they are happy to allow others to get recognised. In fact the leader is the one who is putting up others names to be recognised.
  7. They know that their strength is not their own and neither is their success. (this is a personal belief that is all comes from God, and He wants you the leader to receive the rewards. He has given them to you for a reason.)

Check out this video as well. I added some extra stuff in it just for you 🙂

I know there are many more attributes of a leader that you may know and I would love to hear them.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and feedback, it is always fun meeting new people!

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