Social Media MLM And What The MLM Leaders Are Not Telling You…

Social Media MLM has become a very big conversation amongst MLM leaders world wide. Many believe that Social Media MLM has no place and only gives short term success, while others believe that it is the answer to the entire industry.

First we have the leaders who have been around for longer than 10 years, they built their businesses a certain way using different types of technology (a tape or CD or maybe even just a brochure). They believe that it worked for them in the past, and that is all anyone else should need as well. They see Social Media as a distraction and not a viable place of business. Not realising that they have been telling their MLM teams for years to make sure they are attending events, turn up at meetings and network at groups which all happen on social media, the MLM leaders of the past just don’t know how.

I know this first hand, when I first started to look into Social Media I was turned off. I didn’t want to look at it. Everyone seemed to be joining this thing called

social media mlm
This is our team on a recent trip to Tahiti. We all used Social Media to earn this trip

“Facebook”. When I looked at it, all I could see was a bunch of people putting up crazy photos, giving their opinion on stuff and not doing much else except gossiping. It looked like a total waste of time. So I can totally understand why MLM leaders would think this way. I have even seen many tell their teams that they shouldn’t use it and that the people that are using it, don’t really know what they are doing. (I want to add here, that at the time of me writing this article on Social Media MLM I am flying to Tahiti with a large group of my team, who ALL use Social Media MLM to build their businesses, they are the top people in our area and have proven this belief wrong. I am so proud of them).

Some of the old time MLM leaders don’t truly understand it and because they don’t understand Social Media, their fall back is to be negative towards it. Unfortunately, these leaders will find that if they don’t start to change their thoughts around Social Media MLM they will lose their teams, their teams will be looking at others who are using it and having success, and they will want to join them because they are having more fun, winning more awards, changing more lives and doing big things.

They will look at their current MLM Leader and say

“no thanks, your old, not in age, but in opinion and you are holding me back. Instead of wanting to help me, you are caught up in your own perceptions that are wrong and I can not stand it any longer.”

I have heard this many many times. Downline leaders from other teams complaining that their major upline leaders are not wanting to embrace Social Media MLM so  they either give up or change teams. So to all of my compatriots out there, the ones that are major leaders who have not adopted Social media MLM you need to understand that if you don’t, your business will stumble and fall.

Now lets look at the other group, the group that says Social Media is the salvation of the MLM Industry. To them I say “be careful” you are throwing the baby out with the bath water. Social media does not replace all the things that work within the MLM business, it enhances it. Social Media should just be another line in the pond or another quiver to the bow. You would be naive to think that it is all that is needed to build a MLM Business.

Social Media MLM helps you to add a crazy amount of people into your funnel and talk/chat to more people in a day, than most will talk to in a year, however it should NOT be the only thing that is trained within your team.

Sitting across from me in one of our amazing leaders. She is a grandma who successfully uses social media mlm and offline strategies like talking to the people she knows and the people she meets down the street about her business. She does more in homes than most and leads her team in an incredible way. (Yes I am so proud of her) What I am trying to say is that just using Social Media MLM in building your business will be a big mistake, you will miss many open doors and opportunities that are right in front of you.

The most important skill in MLM and Network Marketing is still the skill of working with people. You can take that same skill offline and online, it will work in both areas.

So What are my thoughts around Social Media MLM?

If you decide to go full on into Social Media MLM and neglect the offline component or if you decide to only do offline, either of these decisions is going to harm your future and what happens in your business. If you have a  team, some will leave out of pure frustration, while others, the more loyal ones, will stay and never understand why they don’t see the kind of success that they see other leaders achieving.

A little thought for leaders on Social Media MLM:

If you are a leader, can I suggest that you take these millennium strategies in your stride and do your best to understand them. They are not a replacement for what you and I both know works, instead they should be used as an “add on”. If you become stubborn and decide that it has no place in the industry, you will get a name for being stubborn and pig headed. Your team will lose trust in your ability to lead them and help them achieve their dreams.

So what do you do?

Allow your teams who want to use Social Media MLM to use it and see if you can learn along with them. All the same stuff you know to be true will work online, it is still all about relationships and building a funnel of people to speak to. It still all about being positive and putting your best foot forward. Allow your team to grow, allow them to experience it and when they do something great or even good, make sure you celebrate it with them. Ask them if there is anything you can support them with, it may just be the 3 way calls or even 3 way chat lol… yes that happens… but be the supportive uplne. Don’t bad mouth the people that are using Social Media MLM, it will go against you and impact you in a bad way.

Social Media MLM is here to stay, you can either embrace it or watch your team fall away and you lose any kind of authority and influence within your own organisation. I know that may sound harsh, but it is true.

Another idea is to suggest places they may be able to go to receive training. Be the instigator rather than the follower.

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