Is Traditional Network Marketing Dead?

It would seem ironic to a lot of people who when you come to this site that I would be able to take this question on traditional network marketing head on, however because I am not only committed to bringing you the latest in business development strategies, I am also committed to brining you the truth and because this question is on the minds and hearts of many people within the network marketing industry, it seemed prudent to answer it.

I have been in the network marketing industry now for over 10 years, all with the same company. (my belief is when you find the right one why would you move) In that time I have tried nearly everything you could think of and spent tens of thousands of dollars in marketing and research. Some worked and some didn’t. But that is business and this experience I believe has allowed me to answer is traditional network marketing dead?

Over the last few years there seems to be a huge change in the mindset of the associates with in the network marketing industry and many entrepreneurs are starting to capitalise on this shift by marketing with headlines that would suggest that the old way is dead and if you are still building with the old methods like traditional networking marketing you will have no success at all.

These types of dramatic headlines have caused quite a stir and created a lot of fear within the network marketing leadership ranks. It would seem that these

traditional network marketing
Phil – one of our incredible leaders receiving a cheque and training on combining traditional network marketing with new methods.

“new” systems are causing even the biggest and most successful networkers in the industry to second guess themselves and wonder if what they are doing is right. They are also having to handle the confusion that is being seeded within their teams as different people and businesses continually promote to their organisations that what their upline or company is telling them is “wrong” and that traditional network marketing drowned in the flood of Noah…

I find this type of marketing quite smart but frustrating at the same time. Why do I find it smart? Well it sows a seed of doubt within the people who you are targeting and so the people start to think that they need to do things differently. This starts the associates moving down the line of researching what the advertiser is saying. The associate moves into the marketers funnel of promotion and starts not only purchasing their products or training resources but building a relationship with that individual. Over time the marketer starts to send out emails saying they are looking for serious people to work with who would like to use all the training they have to offer and personally coached to success. They tell them that traditional network marketing is dead and that they can learn the new way from them. These marketers replace the associates current upline as the voice of influence and respect is lost. However after a little while, the associates realises that they have been fed a lie by the marketer when it comes to traditional network marketing.

So is this wrong? Yes I believe the lie is wrong, because traditional network marketing is not dead, in fact is thriving as long as you embrace the latest in technology to help you do it better. However I do not believe that marketing to network marketers is wrong, in fact, I believe it is smart, as long as you are giving them the truth and quality information, because there are so many associates out there who receive very little to no support, so they founder around not knowing what to do. You become a life line for them to their dreams.

I know for some of you I may hit a nerve and you will want to fight me on what I am about to say, but let me make one thing clear before you decide that you want to get a rope and hang me from the nearest tree. I do believe that there are alternative ways to building a business that will generate faster and bigger results than just using the traditional network marketing methods however I DO NOT believe that the traditional network marketing methods of building are dead. On the contrary I believe they are alive and well. You see just last month I made an extra $15,000 just by building the business the “Old way – traditional network marketing” I also helped thousands of others around the world make money as well. So this is the reason I believe the Old tested and proven way of building a business is alive and well. Especially when you incorporate more relevant ways. (this is a little update: I have just built an app for our team, full of training and marketing materials that incorporates the traditional network marketing methods and business is booming)

You will generally find it is the people that have never been able to have any real success at building a business using the traditional network marketing methods are the ones that say the old way of building a network marketing business is dead, however the ones that are learning the skills and becoming the professional in the market place will be the ones that will build a large and dynamic business.

That is the biggest key. Look at your skills and abilities and become the best you can be. If others are succeeding while you are failing, then there is only one variable… YOU!

traditional network marketing
two more team leaders learning how to combine traditional network marketing with modern

However and this is an important however. I DO BELIEVE that the old time leaders, I guess like myself need to start the process of incorporating online strategies into their business model. This is the reason I have been putting many hours into training and development of my team around the world. Teaching them how to use social networking sites like twitter, facebook and youtube. Online marketing with google, developing blogs and learning copywriting. All of these will become CRUCIAL to the ongoing success of your organisation. If you are not doing this you will find that your people will start leaving you faster than rats leaving a sinking ship. (Another update: I am seeing this projection happening right now. Many old time traditional network marketing leaders are losing their teams because they were and are totally against new mediums to building their business!)

So here are a the points in highlight:

  1. The old way(Traditional Network Marketing) IS NOT DEAD.
  2. Don’t believe everything you read on those ads out there. It is just good copywriting. Also don’t get too caught up in social media or blogs etc. They are just another line in the pond. This is a relationship business, so build relationships and get out to see your people as often and as soon as you can.
  3. If you are already building your network marketing business make sure you are incorporating both online and offline strategies like those taught in The A Team System. It is time to combine traditional network marketing with the latest in strategies and blow your business out of the water.
  4. Look for ways that will enhance your business success.


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