Using Twitter For BusinessUsing Twitter For Business

How am I using Twitter for Business?

It is a funny thing in business especially in this industry. Everyone wants to know what the other person is doing to see if there is some magical formula for their success.

Today I am going to let you know how I am using Twitter For Business and how you can use this simple strategy yourself to generate major results.

But first what are my results?

Well it is simple. Every single day I am receiving emails, phone calls and messages from people asking me how they can get started in business.

Do I only use Twitter to get these results? No, however Twitter is playing a major part in driving the traffic to my sites and continues to increase all the time.

How do I use Twitter for business, well you can find out below:

1. Perry Belcher once said that you should make your social marketing strategy 80% fun and life and the other 20% business. I couldn’t agree more. Post jokes, frustrations and ask for help and thoughts.

2. Post your latest blog posts. Make your blog post headlines specific to your targeted audience so they actually want to click on your information.

3. Specifically target the people you want to attract to your twitter profile. If you are focused on health, only target people interested in health, if it is business do the same.

4. Retweet other peoples content, especially if it is valuable. Funny thing happens when you do this, your followers start to trust you more.

5. Use a program called “tweetadder”. I love this program…to help you build and manage your list.

6. Treat it like a community. Get involved and enjoy the process of meeting new people.

7. Most importantly people want to be heard and treated nicely. Ask yourself, how am I treating the people following me, am I being their friend and being interested in their lives.

What’s the “Plus 1” – be regular and bring value. Too many people are not bringing any value to what they are doing on twitter. They are not seen as someone who is prepared to help or prepared to serve. They make life boring and selfish. Don’t be this person. Be the person who lights up the room and brings energy to any situation.

I speak a little more in the video below. Make sure you check it out.


Of course there is always more than what anyone can say in one very short post. However if you take just one thing away from here today on how to use twitter for business, make it this “people want to be treated like a friend”. When you are interested in others you bring value to their lives. Do that and you will see the difference in your business results.










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    2 replies to "Using Twitter For Business 7 Keys Plus 1"

    • Eric Youle

      Mmmm I have been using Twitter since way back. Have to admit that I don’t use Twitter directly these days, to any great extent. Did not seem that effective at communicating or interacting – mainly for posting news and updates. Post the odd ad and RT – normally use Orsiso to integrate my Social Media feeds so not real aware how much from Twitter etc.

      Having said that I do use Twitter (now) mainly as a conduit to post updates from my sources (blogs, Squidoo lenses, Social Media sites – lost track of all the feeds and there interconnections) Excellent integration and interconnector.


      PS I did find it very useful to invite people to a Meetup group I ran last year. Contacting business people from past Networking Events etc – did not work, but I did a Twitter search for people on the Sunshine Coast, filtered out the ones who appeared to be in business and sent them personal Twitter invitations. Got around 20 people in a couple of weeks.

    • James

      Hi Eric
      yeah Twitter can be an intersting place. There are a lot of spammers who are only interested in telling you their opportunity. But if you can build relationships, bring value and support you will see a much different result.
      I have made the mistake myself of just sending out info, the key is getting involved.
      Again twitter should only be a 15 – 20 min a day thing. I believe as it can be a time waster.

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