The Dilemma of a Competing Commitment


Do you know what a competing commitment is, have you ever heard of a competing commitment or if you have, do you know how it affects every decision you make and nearly all outcomes? It wasn’t until I went to a Klemmer and Associates event that my eyes were opened to what this life impacting program that works in deep dark recesses of our brains actually is.

I had no idea the impact it was having on my life, on my businesses, relationships and goals and I can guarantee you that you walk around for 99% of the time with no idea as well.

You have probably already figured out that this will be a pretty deep post however I will do my best to make it as simple as possible and that’s got nothing to do with your intelligence and everything to do with my inability to actually speak at that intellectual deep level haha.

What is a competing commitment?

Quite simply put:
“a competing commitment is when you want two things and which one you go after will be determined by what you want the most.”

Now before you think too much about this, you must understand that you will always and have always been having this weird double minded process going on in your mind and heart and its not just the big things that you have this happen, its the little things as well. What shirt should you wear, what will you have for breakfast, water or soda, exercise or stay on the couch… Pick up the phone and call someone/send a text or stay comfortable and keep putting it off. All of these are competing commitments. The one you do, is actually the one you want to do.


You only ever do what you want.
Did you know that you only ever do what you want to do? Even though Paul said in scripture:
“the things I do I don’t want to do, and the things I don’t want to do I do.”

It’s so true however you will always do what you want to do. It’s always your choice. It was your choice to change or not to change, to listen or not to listen, to act or not to act, to work or not to work, to eat that food or not to eat that food. It’s all your choice its just ever choice you have made has been influenced by a competing commitment.

Now let’s think about how competing commitments affect your network marketing business or home based business.
You get started in your business, you finally realise you have dreams and now you have a vehicle, a way for you to achieve them. You have seen all the other people have success, read their stories, listened to their talks and probably even watched their videos. You see that they are not that much different to you, except they have already succeeded and you are still on the journey to get to where they are.

So you make the decision, you’re going to do this. You have your call with your sponsor and they give you some homework to do. You’re excited and fearful at the same time. You’re excited about what this could mean for your future, but fearful about failure, losing friends and maybe even a little overwhelmed at the thought of not being able to watch all the TV you used to watch or waste all the time you used to waste.


These are all competing commitments.
•    You want the dream but you also want to not fail.
•    You want the success but you also want to not lose friends.
•    You want the freedom but you also want to be able to not give up anything you used to do that stole your time.
•    You want the reward but you also want to not have to learn anything new.


Do you see what a competing commitment is?
It’s the two and sometimes more things you want all at the same time and then it’s up to you to do battle with the one that can’t have in your life at the moment. And you will do battle.


What about for those of you who want to lose weight and have a better body?
•    You want to lose the fat but you don’t want to stop eating all that extra food.
•    You want to look better in that dress or clothes but you don’t want to be accountable to anyone.
•    You want to build lean muscle but you don’t want to exercise too much or at all.
•    You want to get rid of the sore joints but you want to keep eating the foods that are causing inflammation.
•    You want to show control but you also want to look good in front of your friends when you go out and act like you are ok with the way you look so you eat anything rather than making healthy choices.

What about relationships, your spiritual life, your study etc etc etc. Competing Commitments are influencing everything you do, now you understand you have them, you want to start to control them and go to battle with them. You will always have them, however you will find it easier as you go along to overcome them because you will know they’re there and you will build a muscle in your heart and brain (not really a muscle but we will call it a decision muscle) that will allow you to overcome and choose the correct of action for you.

Can I suggest you make sure you watch today’s video on Competing Commitments. Tomorrow I will go over how to break them but first you need to understand you have them before you can go any further.


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