Do You Have The Best Network Marketing Compensation Plan And Are You Being Paid Enough…

This has to be one of the biggest questions I hear from new associates and even leaders that have been around for years. WHY?

Simple, because everyone is saying they have the best compensation plan and when you listen to them and even take a look, it is easy to start to feel like yours is inadequate and your are missing out.

The question you need to ask is this…

“Are people making money in your network marketing company?”

and if they are, when you look at the figures you hear from other companies about the amount their leaders are making,

“Do you have comparative incomes in your network maketing company?”

I can almost guarantee that the answer would be a YES…

Sure there are some antiquated compensation plans out there, ones that DO pay less than the more recent companies, but as a whole, most are quite competitve.

The key is knowing how to get the most out of your compensation plan!
Let me give you an example…Recently I was going through our compensation plan asking myself the very same question you are…”Am I making enough and it there anyway I and my my team can make any more?” (It was funny asking myself this question since we had already made our first million and were on our way to make our second…)

Anyway I was sitting around the table with one of my leaders late at night and all of a sudden it was like we got hit by a bolt of lightening. Right there in front of us was a way that our teams could not double the amount of money they were earning…not tripple but almost quadripple….just by doing one little thing with their clients…

You see, you have to know your compensation plan to know how you are going to get paid the most amount of money.

You may not have the best compensation plan, but I can almost guarantee that if you take the time to look at the one you have, there is a way you can make a whole lot more money with it.

To say that the people I am working with now are over the moon with the amount of money they are making from our compensation plan would be an understatement. They now have a way to pay off their debts, go on holidays and have the feedom they have dreamed of…

Would you like to know what we did to almost quadripple the amount of money our team makes compared to others?
Just leave a comment below and I will tell you 🙂









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