What Role Does A Leader Play In Network Marketing With Their Team

This has been a question I have been asked many times and also one I have battled with more times than I can count.

When does a leader stop being a friend and start being a coach. Someone who pulls people up on their mistakes and guides them to the solution?

In my experience, experience that I keep reliving over and over again, we never leave the role of being a friend and move into being a coach.

Why do I say this?
Well it is simple. I have found that most people know whether they are doing enough or not to achieve their goals. They have become good enough at beating themselves up over their lack of activity and ability. They don’t need someone else to do it.

Recently, last night (time for me to air all of my dirty laundry :)), I was holding what I have been calling an “Accountability Call”. It is a call I hold once per week with a small group with in my team. A group of people that have voluntarily given up their time to share their results and work on solutions. It is not a paid program, these are people I believe in and know they have it inside of them to go all the way.

I was ill and instead of calling the night off like I should have, I thought we can still do it, BAD MISTAKE. Instead of the call being an encourage call I made it a call where I became the coach and instead of making them feel good for the activity they HAD done, I made them feel bad about not doing enough.


I know from experience that people will raise to the occasion if given the opportunity. They want someone to believe in them and affirm them. They don’t need me or anyone else bringing them down.

So how do you get people excited and wanting to move forward?
Simple…SHARE STORIES… Let them see and hear about the successors others are having. Let them know that they can do it as well. They just need to know it can be done and that you are there to support them on the journey.

This is where I screwed up big time. I wasn’t the cheer squad. I was the commander and chief. Doesn’t go over well with the team :(.

So how is there a place for a coach?

YES…But I believe this needs to be in a “Paid for environment”. Meaning people have actually invested money to be coached because they have shown their seriousness to change and challenge and they are prepared to their hard earned money down to help them achieve.

Can you do it for your own team?
I am not sure. I don’t think so but maybe…Stay tuned and I will let you know if I ever do it in the future. I don’t think I will.

All I do know is that people want to be inspired and they want to grab a hold of an idea, a dream a possibility. It is our role as leaders to help them grab that idea and channel their energy.

So my thoughts are these!
Use success stories
Share ideas
Encourage HEAPS
Look for the things they are doing right
Share what you are doing.

To everyone who was on my call last night. Please forgive me. Next time I wont do it with the Flu 🙂 but at least you get to learn what NOT to do and say.

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    2 replies to "What Role Does A Leader Play In Network Marketing With Their Team"

    • sharon

      Hey James! As a coach, I see that what you usually do IS coaching! A coach encourages, supports, educates and affirms – exactly what you do! The environment of paid coaching is slightly different, but only in that the accountability and directness is higher, but the process is similar, with the main emphasis being on the affirming. A coach focusses on the success of the other person, and champions them towards their goals, eliciting from them through purposeful questions their own way to proceed, educating as necessary.

      As you said, people usually have some idea of what they are and are not doing that is affecting their results. A coach helps them to see this and work through it. It is not usually a matter of not knowing what to do, but rather believing in themselves to do so, by overcoming limiting beliefs and other mindset issues. Since that is what your aim is – and that is usually the result you are having with your team – you are a coach!! What you were exhibiting in your less-than-great health on that call is something else altogether 😉

      I acknowledge you for sharing the lesson you have learned, the values of different approaches to leadership. I.e. one has high value, the other very little… Keep championing your team, keep serving! 🙂

    • James

      Hi Sharon
      great to hear from you and you have some remarkable points here.
      Thankyou for your input and wisdom, plus your kind words :).
      It is a shame in this industry I have seen too many leaders dictate what their teams will do instead of encourage them on to greater things.
      Leadership is about bringing out their best as you said.
      I am glad you have come and commented Sharon and I look forward to seeing you leave more great comments like this on the blog.
      God Bless

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