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I have seen it all plus some and been prospected by most to join their Network Marketing Company. With the public understanding and acceptance of network marketing climbing to new limits we are seeing tens of thousands of people each and every day getting started in business for themselves and joining a network marketing company. It would seem that the current economic climate is encouraging people to develop their own businesses and move away from what our parents taught which was: get a good job, work there for 40 years and retire on a good pension. This type of thinking is dead.

What is alive and well right now is a new breed of entrepreneur, they join a network marketing company and say: “How much can I make, How fast can I make it, What do I have to do, and can I use the internet as well?”

The advent of technology (especially the internet) is allowing people to see that maybe they don’t have to build a business the same way as everyone else has done it in the past. They can see now that they can build using and combining both offline and online strategies. It gives them a sense of “I can do this” and the ability to make money FAST, however the success an individual can have, is dramatically impacted by the support and acceptance of the network marketing company they are involved in, not to mention the upline they have.

But the question still remains. “Which Network Marketing Company Is The Best?” For me I believe I have found it. It has paid me well over 1 million dollars and allowed me to take a 3 – 5 year vacation (I wasn’t well and even though I still did “some stuff”, I was still able to have the time to heal that I needed, funny, after that amount of time, I found out the thing that was making me ill was “Dairy” and a lack of “Vit B”, as soon as I took dairy out of my diet and added Vit B 12, I was a new man – within 24 – 48 hours) and still receive the same major six figure income. My customers continued to use the product even with very little communication with me and my leaders who I trained using The A Team System have been able to grow their businesses all over the world. I was even able to write a book called “Your Freedom Manual

So what has allowed us to have this type of success? Well it was making the right choice from the start and choosing the right network marketing company for me at the time. Now I am not saying we have not had our ups and downs mixed in with some major challenges. Everyone should and will have these in business. It is just life when this happens and should be expected.

These times develop major character and also show you the areas you need to develop as a leader, obviously some leaders will make a choice to move on and find another network marking company, that is their choose, especially if the one they are in is just the same as everyone else. I chose not to do that.

After 10 years of major success in the network marketing industry I believe I have found the keys to what makes a good, no a GREAT network marketing company to work with.

Remember , the network marketing company is just the fulfilment arm of your business. YOU are the business. YOU need to be the one that is being promoted not the company. I will explain more of this in another article.

So let’s look at what you need to be finding to get the right network marketing company:

  1. Make sure the product is protected. This is the most important component of your business success. When I say “Protected”, I am talking about a patent. This little piece of paper gives you the business owner, security that no one will be able to come along and take what you have worked so hard to build. 
I have heard many stories of people building large businesses with other network marketing company only to find that their product gets developed by someone else at a much cheaper price. Overnight they lose everything and have to start again.
  2. Little to no competition. You want to make sure your product is not a “me too” product. A product that cannot be purchased from a retail outlet or company. Too many people move into areas that are ridiculously competitive and wonder why they have no success. Even though they may put a really good spin on the reason to get involved, you would still be getting involved in a highly competitive industry. 
Always remember when there is a lot of competition  margins are slashed which means your income potential is slashed as well. They may come out with a new product but if there is no patent or security of product then you can be sure that within a matter of months you will have competition and the lifestyle you have been working to build will be a dream that will never become a reality.
  3. Little to no ongoing costs. How much do you have to spend each month to keep your income needs to be the next question. As I am writing this article I was speaking to a lovely lady that told me she used to have to purchase large amounts of product (in the thousands) just to keep her business flowing and her customer base. If she did not do this then she would not receive an income from the company. 
I have no problem with you having to purchase product for your own consumption and use, however when you have to “sell” a certain amount personally just to stay in, this is a little silly. Many Network Marketing Companies think it is a good idea because it pushes revenue for them, but it is a very difficult task for the associate.
  4. What is their Corporate Structure Like? Can you trust the management? When you are speaking to the associates ask them how often the corporate team is changing. This will show you how stable the company is and whether they are looking after their people. If they look after their people they will look after you.
 Also what experience do the CEO and Executives have? Are they motivated, people orientated team or are they self-centred. You can find this information our by talking to top income earners. Why not ask to talk to one of the major players. Ask the person who wants you to get involved if you would be able to speak to their upline. Someone who is earning over $50,000 pa. These people generally have access to the Network Marking Company corporate team.
 I know of some corporate people who are very happy to say “just get out there and do it”, knowing full well that they couldn’t do it themselves and with the level of support and the mistakes they continually make, I don’t know how anyone could build a business. This brings us to the next point…
  5. How accessible are the major income earners? Can you call them to get the information you need and the support your deserve?
Lets face it, it does not matter whether you build this business using online or offline strategies, this type of business (network marketing) has always been and will always be a business that revolves around relationships. If the major income earners are not accessible then you have to ask the question how will you get the information you need and what type of relationships can be developed within this team.
 Now please understand what I am talking about here. I have over 30,000 people in my group and growing daily. I cannot be nor am I available to all of them 24 hours a day 7 days per week. However if they had a specific need that only I could handle I am available. I also hold a weekly mastermind training call with my team that they can come on and get their questions answered.
 I do not think it logical or needed for a leader to be available all the time to everyone. If you do this is takes away the ability for your business partners to develop as leaders themselves. I actually tell my main leaders not to be too available, because people will work it out if they really want to without our help. A Network marketing company that it’s top leaders are not accessible though is not a happy place to be.
  6. How often is the Network Marketing Company corporate team bringing out new products and are those products in line with the direction they should be going. I mean by this. If they are a nutrient company I don’t think that them starting to sell telecom services would be a good fit.
 If the company you are looking at is not bringing out new products every 18 – 24 months you need to ask the question how much market research are they doing. 
You don’t want them bringing too many either as your business will get confused and your team won’t move forward because they won’t know what or how to promote. You have to find that fine line of enough and too much.
  7. How big is the demand for the product and does the consumer base understand they need it. You want to be in front of a growing market. The biggest buying group in the world at the moment is the “Baby Boomers”. They are the ones with all the money. Does the product you are looking at fulfil a need within that buying group? If it does and it meets all the other pre requisites then you are on a winner.
  8. What type or training, systems and support can you expect? Make sure that you will be able to get EVERYTHING you need in the area of training and support. Do they have conference calls, webinars, training websites and seminars? How accessible are they and are they good value?
 How many success stories do they have and how many new ones? 
You want to make sure that you can get the information you need when you need it. Within our team, we have is the ability for people to be trained 24 hours per day 7 days per week. This allows us to develop a business anywhere around the world.
  9. Seamless Downline: You may be thinking “what the…” this is a fancy term used to say that you can build a business anywhere in the world without having to set up new business centres or spend more money. You should be able to get someone started in Australia, put someone in their team from the US and someone in their team from the UK or other countries.
This will allow you to make more money quickly while at the same time diversifying your business internationally. So that if there is a downturn in your country, then the others countries you are a part of should stabilise your business.

This information is the guide that I use when looking into business. I have been with the same company for over 10 years and I do not see any reason on the horizon to even think about changing. We are at the cutting edge or business and I love what we do.

I hope this helps you have the same amount of success we have had and be able to have as much fun while impacting peoples lives in a positive way all around the world.

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