Where did the fear come fromWhere did the fear come from?

Fear is a useless, non serving and totally soul destroying process to have happen in your life. It is not something we need to have because it does not bring any value.

So where did the fear that the old way of building a network marketing business was dead come from?

Simple, it came from marketers…people who knew how to write good copy and wanted you to buy their products and build your business THEIR way.

Is this wrong? Well I am not sure to tell you the truth, all I know is that from my experience both work, offline and online.

The key is finding out what works for you. What we train is that you work with your strengths and over time build other areas that you need to.

Learn that the future of your network marketing or home based business does not rely on someone else and their thought process, it relies on YOURS.

Allowing other people to put fear inside of you does not serve you or help you to achieve the dreams you have for your life.

Our system works on showing people their strengths and helping them to utilise those strengths to build a successful business from home.

You see, it is not whether you use online or offline to build your business that matters, what matters is that you build your business…

Your strengths guided by your desires will naturally take you in the direction you should go.

For instance, we have built a massive international business using the “Old Way” of home based business, now we are incorporating new technology, to enhance our results and give everyone a better chance at achieving their goals.

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    • James

      Good on your Ligia
      I am glad. It is when you work out of your strengths that the bigger results happen.

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