The longer you are in this industry the more people you get to meet, I wouldn’t have known who Ty Tribble is accept for someone who recommended me one of his products.

Ty TribbleThere are three schools of leaders in this industry today, first you have the person whose total focus is offline marketing systems, you know the person I mean, the one who doesn’t use the internet and leaves that for others to play with, Ty Tribble is not that person…

The second leader is the one who ONLY uses the internet to build their network marketing business. They don’t believe in teaching the offline strategies and they think that they are a waste of time (I believe this is to their detriment)…Ty Tribble is not this person either.

Ty Tribble fits into the third school or category of network marketing leader. He knows that the best way to build your business is to combine both offline and online strategies. Even though Ty Tribble is a brilliant online marketer, he is also a magician at knowing how to work and build his business using the tried tested and proven methods that built this business…

Am I part of Ty Tribbles team?
No I am not, however I have had the privilege of learning from him and his resources on blogging, which I believe are brilliant, and before you ask, NO I am not part of the company he is with either.

So why did I write this post?
Simple, I like the man and I wanted to honor him for who he is and what he is doing. After personally building a team myself of over 35,000 people at the time of writing this post, I know when someone is real or not in this industry and Ty Tribble is.









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