youtube marketing tips and strategiesThere are some simple yet effective youtube marketing tips and strategies you can learn that won’t cause your brain to melt or your blood pressure to soar.

Many of the Youtube Marketing Tips  you hear about require you to be some kind of internet guru who lives on another planet and has nothing better to do with their time except edit video and post it to millions of different sites.

For me, building a home based business is about keeping things simple, effective and duplicatable. As soon as you force people to do things that they don’t have the knowledge of the desire to do, you lose them forever.

They think it is all too hard.

So I like to bring everything down to the lowest common denominator because that is where I have to work from.

Today we are going to cover what I do to build my business using different strategies and ideas for youtube. I will give you some of my youtube marketing tips for free.

You just have to promise me you will tell other people about them and do even better than I do.

So let’s get started.

Youtube Marketing Tip No.1:

Everything you do in marketing and building your business is about relationships. Youtube is a powerful tool for you to be able to build trust with your audience because they don’t just get to read your article they get to see you and as with anything they are determining whether they like and trust you very quickly. So if your video is a video of you, make sure you smile, it helps in disarming the person and they see you as a real person, someone they can trust.

Youtube Marketing Tip No.2:

Have fun:
If possible have as much fun as you can. I like to get my kids involved. It relaxes me and it brings more of a human face to the business. They do funny things behind the camera which makes me laugh. Yes there are times when you need to be serious however remember that youtube is about “Social Media” so be social…

Youtube Marketing Tip No.3:

If you know how, add music to your intro and also to your ending. It grabs their attention and makes them more willing to listen.

Youtube Marketing Tip No. 4:

Make sure you have a call to action at the end and an introduction of who you are at the beginning. And in the text area where you explain what your youtube video is all about make sure you put you the http:// before the www. THIS IS IMPORTANT otherwise your link  won’t work.

Youtube Marketing Tip No.5:

Keyword research:
I won’t go into this much here, except to say that keyword research is critical to any kind of marketing success on the internet. There are programs you can purchase that will show you how to research the keywords people are typing in.
For those of you who don’t know what keywords are, they are the words people type into the search engines like google, when they are searching for a specific item or service. You want to choose keywords that have very little competition but are searched often.
I will be releasing the program I use shortly. To find out which program I use, make sure you leave your details to receive our video bootcamp.

Youtube Marketing Tip No.6:

Where to put your keyword:
Put your keyword in the title, description, tags and link.

Youtube Marketing Tip No.7:

Be confident in what you are saying. Do your research BEFORE you get in front of the camera. Make sure you are coming across as a person who actually knows what they are talking about and people will listen.

Some of these tips may seem basic to you and that is because they are. But let me tell you something. Most people miss them. You look at their videos and they have not thought about what they are doing.

One of the best things that can happen to your video is if it goes viral, meaning that it is so good everyone starts telling their friends about it. So make sure you put some time and energy into doing your videos properly.

There is no need to make them professional or to spend hours upon hours. Just start and you will find you will get quicker and generate more results as you go.










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    • Annette

      Great Tips!

    • Prue Gashumba

      Thanks James, I found the You Tube marketing strategies most helpful.
      Your help is most appreciated

    • James

      you are welcome Annette

    • James

      You are more than welcome Prue 🙂

    • Jack Hurkett

      Hi James-your item on “where did the fear come from?”is very enlightening.I feel that there is an underlying message to your item. -Jack

    • James

      Hi Jack
      I am glad you are getting stuff out of it. What do you think the underlying message may be?

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