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Isn’t it interesting, even after this long being in the Network Marketing Industry, I am still realising my own challenges and learning things, I have heard it said many times that we need to stay in a continuous state of “Beginners Mind”. A state of always wanting to learn and grow. So in todays article and video on Getting A New Person Started In Network Marketing I want to talk the number 1 challenge I see for leaders in helping their new person and it isn’t about what to say or get them to do, it is actually how the leader is feeling.

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You see many network marketers feel bad that their new team member actually has to contact people, that they have to learn a skill and become better. They forget that this business is like all others business, it requires connecting with prospects and then developing those prospects into a partner or client and to do this, skills are needed and it takes time. The worst thing we can do is to feel like we have to apologise for the activity our new team member has to do.

When you start apologising, you actually disempower your associates, you remove the confidence that is required for success. So follow my 6 steps below to help you with getting a new person started in your network marketing business.

  1. Don’t apologise that they need to learn and apply the things they learn:
    We all wish that success was easy, it isn’t, it requires more than most people are prepared to give, however if we are not strongly directing our new people in the actions they need to take and showing them that this is what they need to do, we as leaders are not doing our job and we are holding our team back from the success they want. I used to think that my new team member wouldn’t want to make the calls, send the messages or do the presentations so I was always trying to find easier ways for them. However what I found was that from me doing this, it actually slowed their progression down and I instilled into them a sense of fear rather than empowering them to grow and develop.
  2. They need to learn to speak to and connect with people:
    Network Marketing is a people business, yes everyone wishes that they could sit behind a computer and just write articles etc and their businesses would grow without actually having to pick up the phone or meet but that just isn’t our business. Be the librarian to your new team member. Show them what they need to learn and be confident in your direction.
  3. Help them know what they need to do:
    Make sure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Meaning, you want to know the steps you want them to take.
  4. Give them clarity:
    You can only give them a clear direction if you know the direction yourself and you have actually taken the steps. One of your roles as a leader is to make sure you remove the “fuzzy” or “blurred” areas. Have the answers to the questions they have or better yet, have a library of information that you can direct your team member to. We have everything online for our new team members and it makes it so easy.
  5. Give them a time frame to know certain things:
    Following up with your new team members is incredibly important. You will keep or lose them based on your follow up. What I do is I take them through the steps and then I give them home work and request they do that homework before we connect the following day. Giving them something to do keeps them focused on the positive and removes the issue of “buyers remorse” or fear setting in.
  6. Set a follow up time:
    Follow up is king. This helps your new team member know they will not be left alone and that they can be confident in knowing you are there for them. It also makes sure they do the things they say they are going to do.

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