How to get a new person started in network marketing?

This has to be one of the most common questions asked not only by newbies but also by seasoned professionals and can I let you in on a little secret? 

It has only been these last couple of years where I feel like I have really got a handle on getting someone started correctly. You see this question “how to get a new person started in network marketing” is one of the most important questions that any network marketing leader can ask, because that brand new person has put their trust in you to get them started in the right way.

I have spoken to leaders who have earned millions of dollars and they still feel as though they don’t have this right, they still feel as though they could do it better or what they do is wrong.

So in todays first video on how to get a new person started in network marketing we will cover:

  1. Make them feel good.
    Spend an hour or two with them immediately. Your brand new person is more than likely going through “Buyers Remorse”. They may be doubting their decision and someone may have already told them they are crazy for getting started in Network marketing. Your number 1 job when you get your new person started is to confirm to them they have made the right decision.
  2. Find their why.
    The more you know about your new person, the more you know about their dreams and their hearts desires, the more you are going to be able to help them. Remember that people don’t care how much you know, they want to know you care! This is your opportunity to learn to just shut up and ask questions. Let them talk about their dreams and the reason for those dreams. The bigger the dream, the more connected to that dream, the more your brand new person will listen to you and do. They will overcome obstacles easier and faster. This is not your opportunity to talk, it is your opportunity to listen.
  3. Give them a simple method of operation.
    Don’t make getting them started too complex. Make it as simple and as easy as you can. Also don’t just tell them what to do, show them what to do and then watch them do it. We call it in our team Tell – Show – Watch. We do this in every aspect of our business. It ensures that everyone, from new person to seasoned veteran knows and understands what they are doing.
  4. Give them something to do.
    Remember your new person needs to be kept occupied, they can not have any spare time to doubt themselves or their decision. It is true that you can either win or lose your brand new person within 24 – 48 hours of them getting started with you. We like to give them “homework”. A Audio to listen to, a video to watch and an article to read. Also get them to write down their dreams and list of names if you can not write their list with them immediately.
  5. Write their list.
    I know you’re going to fight me on this one. You’re thinking, I didn’t want to write my list, so they’re not going to want to write theirs. True, they’re more than likely not going to want to do it, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t.
    In one of the following videos on getting a new person started I will cover not to apologise for the work people need to do.
  6. Learn text message strategy.
    If you don’t have my Network Marketing Text Message Strategy yet, can I recommend you get it now. It works and it works like crazy.
  7. Help them get a win fast.
    No matter anything else, if you help your brand new person get a win and get it fast, you will have someone totally on fire. They will feel as though they can move a mountain. It is one of the reasons I love them getting a client straight away because it helps them see it doesn’t have to be hard and if they can do it, so can others. It builds confidence.

So that is my 7 points on getting a new person started in network marketing. I will cover more in the next 3 videos, however if you master these 7 points, you will have a thriving business.

Make sure you watch the video now and grab some of the gold that is there for you.

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