It’s time to get started in network marketing and begin building your network marketing business, make some cash and finally start moving towards your dreams. Whether you are just getting started in your network marketing business, been around or a while or you are considering it for the first time. Getting started correctly will be the most important thing you can do.

I know for me personally I never quite “got it” when I first started. There was a blockage that I needed to get through. After hours upon hours of training, helping hundreds of people get started personally and developing a business that turns over millions upon millions of dollars, I believe I now know the fundamentals, the keys to really doing it right.

Some people want to short cut this process and when they do, they do themselves and their new person a disservice.
When you are getting someone started in network marketing, you want to give them time, this time does not need to all happen at once, but it does need to be given.

Time with your new recruit is going to build in them confidence and focus, it will answer questions and build their dream.
When you don’t give them this time and don’t show that you are there for them, they stumble, they fall and they don’t move any further forward. Your new recruit goes into witness protection and never to be seen or heard of again.

You spend a lot of time, emotional energy and sometimes money finding people to get started. When you do get someone, don’t be in a rush to move onto the next one. Ask yourself “How would I feel if I was treated like I am being now?”
I am always asking myself this question, because I want to be better, do better and achieve better results.

What, You, the leader need to do to get started in network marketing.

When you get someone started, what you believe, what you feel and how you see the future is going to have an impact on your new person. If you have doubts, feel like it is too hard, don’t believe they can succeed and are always in that place of thinking about quitting, then you are not going to instil confidence into your new person.

The number 1 thing you can do for your new person is to give them confidence, have a vision for your future and believe that they can achieve the future they want with your opportunity. Don’t put your limiting beliefs on them.

Next is have confidence in the process and in the results that will come. Your new person is not looking to you to be the fountain of all knowledge or for you to build their business for them, they just want you to believe that THEY can do it and achieve. They want to know that you can direct them to find the information when needed. I love the saying “Be the librarian not the library”.
Yes you want to know stuff, however if you are the only person who knows the stuff than you will never have the freedom that this business offers. You are much better off directing your team to a place or resource to have access to the information.

When you are getting your new person started, you don’t need to make it a 60 page manual (I have done this lol). You want to give them a few things to get them started and then know what to do after each step.

How to get started in network marketing for the new person

Remember with your new person, be confident. If you are not sure about what to do, get your upline leader involved and learn the process. It isn’t hard but it does require you to know the steps.

Most teams will have steps for your to do, I know we do.

These are the steps we take to get started in network marketing:

Timing: This would be the number 1 mistake most people make. Instead of getting their new person started immediately with steps to take and homework to do, they give the new person “time”. They take the person credit card details and get their account set up and then say “I will give you a call to get you started”. What a joke. How would you feel if someone did all that work, you gave them your credit card details and your hopes that this business will change your life and then your upline gives you NOTHING. Pretty bad right, well this is what most people do. This allows the new person to become full of fear, they doubt what they have done and second guess themselves. They get buyers remorse.

When you get them started, start the getting started process immediately. I love to talk more about their dream, give them some steps to follow like: logging into our team website, downloading our Fast Start Guide, listening to a couple of audios one on product and the other on entrepreneurial mindset and then I ask them to have this home work done by the next day and tell them that we will go through what they learnt together. I want them to so focused on the steps they have to do and what those steps will give them (their dreams) that they don’t give themselves much time to doubt or become negative.

Dream: You must spend time on the dream with your new person. This will be the energy they need to get through the bad times, the times they want to quit after they receive a negative response or when the thought demons start to reek havoc in their mind. When I say “time” i mean most of your time. You will want to know their dream because you will need to remind them of their dream over and over again through out their time with you. You will continue to build their dream even when they are one of your 6 figure income earners. You will also need to continue to build yours.

Immediate Action: Give them something to do immediately that gets them moving in the direction of making money. It could be a Facebook Post, sending 10 text messages to their hottest contacts, setting up some practice approach calls. Whatever you do, you want to do it with them. Don’t leave them alone expecting them to do it. You will need to help them on this journey. Give them direction. Do what we call “Tell-Show-Watch”. Tell them what to do, Show them what to do, Watch them do it.

I will cover more and more about getting a new person started, I have done many articles on this already but it seems to be one of the most important topics network marketers have. We need to get it right because when you do, your business will change.

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