The Failure Of Most Networkers In How To Get A New Person Started In Network Marketing.

Most and when I say most, I mean 99% of network marketers would fail at this step in getting their new person started in network marketing. Today I take you through the 3rd instalment of How To Get A New Person Started In Network Marketing. If you haven’t watched the previous video, just click the link and head there after you watch this one.

Everyone is looking for the fast track, the way of getting to their own personal goal quicker. They want to know if there is a way to reach their goals without putting all the work in and in this process, people take shortcuts. Some people just say welcome to the team, take the new person’s credit card details and they are never seen again. Others do the bare minimum, they may listen to their new associates dreams, however when it comes to training and supporting them, it never happens, the person who recruited them decides they are way too busy to help them and believe that everything they need to know is “out there” so they should go and find it. I can’t stand people like this, people who sign someone up and then the enroller/sponsor goes into the witness protection program never to be heard from again.

So here is a recap of what we have spoken about in our previous articles:

  • Spent time with them when they first get started:
    I personally believe that the hour to 2 hours after you sign up that new person is critical to their belief, belief in you and belief in themselves. You see when they hand over their credit card, it is their way of saying “I trust you, please show me I have made the right decision”. The way you do this is to spend some more time with them, reaffirming their decision and giving them some guidance.
  • Give them homework to do:
    NEVER, did I say that loud enough? Never get a new person started and not give them something to do to and think about. If you don’t keep them active and keep filling their mind with positive information, they will fill it with negative stuff. They will find bad stuff on the internet, listen to a negative relation or friend and get buyers remorse. Then you are never able to find them again and you receive a message from the company saying you have to give a refund.
  • Show them where to go and what to do:
    We have a saying we love and made up that goes “Tell, Show, Watch”. Tell them what to do, Show them what to do and then Watch them do it. You will do this your entire career with your team, not just once, but in every step of their leadership journey.
  • Go through their dreams:
    Spend time finding out their dreams, remember to spend as much time on this as you can, it is more important than any other step. Their dream will be the fuel they use to drive them forward and the more they are connected to their dream, the more it will fuel them.
  • Remind them of their goals:
    They will have give you some of their goals, keep reminding them of them along with their dreams.

This is where the Failure in how to get a new person started in network marketing begins.

  • Write their list of names together:
    Even if most people get the top part correct, this and the next point, they generally miss. They think that their new person should be able to do this themselves and be a leader. They forget that the new person has never been in business before or been an entrepreneur. You can not expect them to do this component by themselves, it is scary especially if they don’t know what comes next. Why would you spend hours and hours getting a new person and then leave them alone and then go find the new person when you haven’t completed what you need to do with this person:
  • Send texts and messages with them to show them what to do and encourage them in the process:
    OK so you write the list with them and then you say “OK, so now I want you to contact all of these people and get back to me when you have done it” hahahahahaha I always laugh when I hear someone say that. It is NEVER going to happen and if it does happen, it is a miracle from God Himself. Sure they may contact a couple, however if you want them to keep going, you are going to have to keep on them and direct them. Again, why would you spend all that time finding this person to not get them started correctly? Finish your job so they can achieve their dreams and you can achieve yours.

Do yourself and your brand new person a favour, learn how to get a brand new person started in network marketing correctly. Start them off on the right foot and watch what happens. I have made all of the mistakes under the sun, this is why I know them.

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