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How do you get started in network marketing correctly? It’s a question that everyone asks more than once in their career. I know for me personally, I never really understood it properly until I received the right guidance. I found that there were different dynamics that happen at different times in your business. e.g.: when you have momentum is easier to get someone started than when you don’t. 

Your new person looks around and sees that there is a lot of excitement and activity and they don’t want to be left behind when you have momentum however when you don’t have it, they only have you to look at and if you are not in momentum yourself then the likelihood of them actually getting moving at any real pace is very low.

The leader sets the pace of the pack especially when you get started in network marketing.

Let’s cover the most important steps in how to get started.

  1. Be excited yourself. Let your new person see that you are excited and you believe in them and what you are doing.
  2. Have confidence in what you are training them. Confidence comes from you having studied and then implementing what you are getting your new person to do. When you are confident, they will be as well.
  3. Manage their expectations: Help them know that yes they will and can achieve their dreams with this business, however the time frame it will take may be longer than they want. It will come down to their skills, their desire and how much effort they are willing to put in. Don’t let them believe that they will make a million dollars in their first day.
  4. Simple Start: Give them some easy things to do to start with. Watch a video, listen to an audio and write their dreams down. Follow up with in 24 hours with a get together to discuss what they learnt from the info they were to look at (if you live in the same town) or over phone. Do not leave it all to messaging. That does not work. Too many people are wanting to do everything via messenger and forget the relationship component.
  5. Help them write their list: remembering that most people have on average more than 100 friends on Facebook. So make sure you have a facebook strategy.
  6. Have a simple presentation that your new person you are getting started can send or invite their prospects to look at. Getting them to bring people to an event as their first thing may not be the best way to start. It is easier to get someone to look at information before they come to an event.
  7. Daily connection with your new person and help them use Practice Approach Script with their prospects.

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