5 Never Fail Tips For Cold Market Prospecting

It’s time to give you my never fail cold market prospecting tips. They have helped me to never run out of people to speak to plus develop an international network marketing business of leaders.

To follow on from our Cold Market Recruiting article, these Cold Market Prospecting tips are easy to use and simple to remember, however I do want to give you my number 1 caveat, claus. You NEED TO PRACTICE!!!

Cold Marketing Prospecting is not something that you can do without practice and I don’t mean just any kind of practice, I mean determined, focused practice that you record and work on over and over and over again until it just happens naturally and you become what is called an “unconscious competent”.

I want to talk on cold market prospecting because last Friday I had the opportunity of hearing one of my team prospect a cold market prospect and I realised I had not been doing my job very well as his coach.

So after I heard him give it a shot (he did very well by the way, I just know he could do so much better, I mean this guy is incredible, but I had not covered a couple of key points), I thought it was time I got even more serious about making sure the team are being professional with their prospecting efforts.

So here they come, my 5 Never Fail Cold Market Prospecting Tips.

Cold Market Prospecting Tip 1:

Smile and be Open: This has to be the number 1 tip you could ever receive. People will always feel more comfortable speaking to someone who is open and looks happy and cheerful.

Cold Market Prospecting Tip 2:

Talk to them about “them” ask  them questions and be encouraging. The more you talk about them, the more they will be interested in you and eventually will ask about you, which will open the door.

Cold Market Prospecting Tip 3:

Compliment them. Always find something nice to say about someone. Don’t be cheesy, be real and be nice.

Cold Market Prospecting Tip 4:

Always know what you are going to say when the opportunity arises. You may not get to say it word for word, however if you know the flow, and you have practiced it, you will always get a better result.

Cold Market Prospecting Tip 5:

Get their details. Ask for their details, don’t just give yours. Say something like: “just write your details on here and I will get some information out to  you” or “…and I may give you a call” etc.

I have always found these work very well for me and I know that these 5 Cold Market Prospecting Tips will work for you as well

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