The Professionals Number 1 Secret For Cold Market Recruiting

Yesterday we spoke about Cold Market Prospecting, it was a great article if I do say so myself, and so today I wanted to follow up with another article, very similar on Cold Market Recruiting.

Cold Market Recruiting is the next level up from prospecting. If you look up the word “Recruiting” in the dictionary you will find…

“Recruiting – synonymous with “hiring” in American English – refers to the overall process of attracting,
selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs(either permanent or temporary) within an organisation. “

The word I want to highlight here is “selecting”. Many people when they start their network marketing career go down in a blaze of glory never to reach the heights they dreamt of. Others realise that they need to put time into becoming the best they can be and in that journey, they realise that “Recruiting” rather than “Convincing” is what we do. Professionals “Select” who they are going to work with, they don’t throw mud against a wall and hope that some of it will stick. That is the old way of looking at what we do. Network Marketing has evolved and into a profession and the individuals who treat it with the respect it deserves will be the ones that reap the rewards. It is why today I wanted us to focus on cold market recruiting.

So in todays article on Cold Market Recruiting we are going to cover how Recruiting and Selecting rather than Convincing will work for you as the network marketing professional.

Most people move into “convincing mode”, they sell, sell and sell some more rather than take the prospect on a journey of discovery.

We all like to discover new things, we are always looking for hidden treasure. I am sure many boys, like me, dreamt of finding hidden treasure buried on a beach or under a tree. That desire to find new things and discover never really leaves and the master networker, knows how to take their prospect back in time and awake that inner child, that individual who wants to discover something new again and go on an adventure. Cold Market Recruiting allows you to take your prospect on that adventure, however you will have to become the professional.

The worst thing you could do with your cold market recruiting is move into convincing mode. No one likes to be sold, in fact we run a million miles rather than be sold. The secret is to ask lots of questions and to become a master at questions and to do it in a way that shows you are truly interested in them and are asking the questions so that you can help them. Don’t make it the Spanish inquisition!

In yesterdays article on cold market prospecting I gave you some ideas or steps to take with speaking to people, today I want you to focus on cold market recruiting and taking people on the journey. Don’t be in a rush, be their friend and encourager helping them to open up and tell you all the reasons why your opportunity or product will be the answer to their needs. Yes this does happen, the better you become.

Next remember it is an interview. When you find a person is interested, make it a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable interview. Let’s face it, if they come on as a client or as a partner in business, they are going to require you to help them and give them service and support. This means you want to be dealing with people who are serious and truly want what you have and the more questions you ask and the greater the desire you grow inside them, the more they will want it.

Yes, this kind of professional cold market recruiting is making your prospect “sell themselves” to you rather than you sell yourself to them. It is a very powerful position to be in.

Your posture changes completely and so will your results as you implement this into your own personal prospecting and help your team do the same.

There is nothing like a team of united individuals moving forward as an army professionally trained and all saying and doing the same tried, tested and proven things.

Cold market recruiting can be a lot of fun, in fact it for me it is one of the most enjoyable things i do as a professional in this industry. I love going out and talking to new people, arranging times to meet and helping them get started as a client or a partner. You can experience the same if you are prepared to put the time and effort into becoming that professional.

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