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What should your Twitter Bio look like and say and should you have a website link? If you haven’t read our article on Twitter Profile… make sure you read it first

What a great question, your twitter bio is so important and yet so complicated. How do you fit so much into that little space that Twitter gives you. First let me tell you that I do not think anyone has it perfect, not even me. We are all tweaking (not tweeting) our bios all the time to make sure we are giving the correct message to our followers.

Copywriters are always spending countless hours working out ways to say as much as possible in the shortest possible space and it seems Twitter wants us all to do the same.

So let me give you my 5 cents worth on what I believe your Twitter Bio should look say.

  1. Always remember that Twitter is a Social Platform, this means it is about relationship and social interest. So find a way to write your bio in a social way not a corporate way.
  2. Look at people in your industry and market who have successful twitter pages. Check out what they have written, I can almost guarantee they have been spending a lot of time working on their bio.
  3. Don’t sell. People are always trying to sell something to someone, instead be more relational and maybe write your twitter bio in a way that is intriguing.

Now what about having your website link in your bio or your twitter page?

I wasn’t sure about this until I did some testing. When I started to market to the audience I was after I found something very interesting, if my website matched the market I was targeting then I got leads and traffic to my site, people actually seemed to appreciate that I had my website there.

Does the website need to be a blog in your twitter bio? No, it can be your offer or giveaway if you have one, but I do recommend you have something. I have my personal blog on my twitter profile and twitter bio and it works for me, however if you don’t  have one, then just some offer on a landing page will work.

Make sure you look at my next article on having your WordPress Blog attached to your twitter page and what that could do. I will help you see what happens through my own experience.

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