Article 1: How do you market on Twitter – Let’s talk about setting up your twitter profile!

Twitter isn’t that important right, I mean the only people who are on Twitter are those people with ADHD and nothing else to do with their time, wow was I wrong, so let’s get you started and show you how to market on twitter and how to setup your twitter profile correctly!

I am going to recommend to you that you watch the video below, it shows you my profile and what I recommend, it very quick, so won’t take a lot of your time.

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Your twitter profile needs to follow these 3 basic principles though:

  1. Make sure your Twitter profile username is as close to your real name as you can.
  2. For your Twitter profile picture, use a nice photo of you, your top half is the best with a smile. Don’t use a photo of your dog, cat, mouse, fish etc or your logo. People want to see WHO they are dealing with. If you run a normal business, show the photo of the CEO etc rather than the company logo.
  3. For you twitter cover picture, use a nice professional image, if you need to get something nice done, spend the money. Use if you have to and get someone to create a twitter cover image for $5. Ask a friend to take some nice photos of you. To get ideas, look at some of the professionals you see and emulate them.
  4. Have you website link on your twitter profile. Give your followers a place to check you out and get more information.

Check out my video below, it is only 2 minutes but covers precisely what it all should look like. Make sure you like and comment below 😉

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