How does your twitter funnel work?

If you haven’t read my first two articles on “market on twitter” and what should your twitter bio look like, then makes sure you head over there first, then come back to this article on your Twitter Funnel. Don’t worry it won’t take you long. I am keeping these twitter marketing articles and videos quite short so that you get the most out of the time you have while on my site.

While studying my twitter funnel I uncovered an interesting phenomena that I didn’t expect.

I know this is crazy but I didn’t really expect people to actually visit my blog, in fact I hope you don’t mind me telling you this, but I didn’t expect twitter to work at all for marketing. I thought twitter marketing was a joke and just some way for an online marketer to sell online marketing tools. I can’t tell you how wrong I was.

Anyway since starting twitter marketing I am actually getting more leads than I can keep up with personally and they are specifically targeted to my niche, it’s perfect.

What I found was that on my personal blog, this is the blog you are on now, I had my Facebook Feed on the left hand side (by the way, if you haven’t liked my page yet, can I ask you to head over there and click the “like” button, it would be much appreciated and I know you will love it). Prospects would come to my blog from Twitter, they would click on the facebook feed to the right, then while on Facebook, they would click on the offer I have on the page and register.

This has led to leads, sign ups and increase in income. But most importantly, it has given me personally a lot of excitement around a social media platform that I was sure didn’t work but am glad to be proven wrong.

Getting your twitter funnel working correctly should have these key points:

  1. Have your website on your twitter profile
  2. When they come to your website, make sure it is connected to your facebook page (not profile)
  3. On your facebook page, make sure you have a sign-up button or link that has an offer for them.

Twitter for Network Marketers is actually a very real thing, you will see me write many many articles in the future around twitter, not because I like writing, but because I am excited for what I can see that it can do for those people who truly grab this powerful tool.

I could spend my entire day on twitter now, chatting and prospecting people. and I don’t have to worry about Facebook Jail/Gaol.

watch this video for a more concise explanation.

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