how to achieve your goalsI remember when I first got started in our business.

I heard a lot around Goals and Dreams, the thing was I was totally confused until I heard someone say:

“Your dreams give you the energy to get your goals, your goals give you the money to get your dreams.”

When I heard this, it was like all the lights went on inside of me.

Many people are afraid to dream, it is like their lives have been lived and now is the time to let it all go and accept that this is the way it has to be.

Let me tell you a secret…That is NOT the truth.

The truth is, you have that dream for a purpose, a reason. It is your dream and it should be fulfilled.

Dreams give us something to work towards, something to fight for and go after. Without them, life would become quite dull and meaningless.

Do yourself a favour, write your dreams down, even better, go and cut out some images of your dreams from magazines. Put them on a A3 piece of cardboard and build your
dream board.

We are not meant to forget out dreams, we are meant to fight for them…so join me and fight for your dreams.

Put some short term goals in place and go after them. Start small and work you way up.

I have heard it said that “We over estimate what we can do in a short term, but under estimate what we can do on the long term”


“your dreams give you the fire to get your goals, your goals give you the money to get your dreams”


I’d love to hear from you… What Are you doing to get your dreams and acheive your goals?

Leave a comment down below with your thoughts and feedback, it is always fun meeting new people!

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    2 replies to "Goals Vs Dreams"

    • Lali sandhu

      Hi James,

      Great Post. I had been there before of making unrealistic ambitions and that is why something never happened. I will call this chunking and focus on the smallest part. So right now I focus on the smallest part which is achievable and attainable.


    • James

      Well done Lali
      that is the perfect place to start, start small and each small step leads to another until a great distance has been traveled

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