The Art Of Goal Setting

I have seen this type of Goal Setting work on others because I have used it, but I didn’t realise it was happening to me until I had actually achieved my goal.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to see another one of my lifetime goals achieved but it wasn’t one I had actually written up, it was one that was in my heart and head I just needed a little bit of a push to go after it and actually achieve it.

This goal had nothing to do with business but everything to do with business, it had nothing to do with life but everything to do with life, it was for my 2nd Dan Blackbelt in Hapkido. For any of you who have done Martial Arts for any period of time, you would know that going after any belt requires a lot of focus and when you are in front of your master instructor showing off what you know, the nerves come out, your heart races and you just hope that you can “Trust your training” and remember what you know.

It’s the same in life and in business, there has to come a time when you just trust your training and trust that you have done enough and know enough to achieve

goal setting
This was when I received my 1st dad (Black belt) and my buddy and training partner Scott

what it is you want to achieve. The problem is that most people don’t put enough time in their training to actually be able to trust it. They do very little and just hope when the time comes, they will be able to wing it, sure to achieve small goals (which is generally where we all start) you can do this, but as soon as you start to move up the ladder in anything, your goal will require more of you, you will need to become the master, the one that others can rely on and you had better know your stuff because winging it not only affects you, it also affects the others around you.

I know that at my level, quite regularly I am training other people, so if I do not know what I am talking about, I will end up giving them the wrong instructions and the correct foundation wont be laid, this jeopardises their whole future because then they would have to “unlearn” the bad habits. This also means that make sure you have an instructor/team leader/coach/mentor who you can trust and is teaching you things that work.

What about when your goal is not set for you but by someone else?

This is what happened for me with my 2nd Dan. I didn’t set the goal to achieve 2nd Dan this last weekend, I had set it to achieve it 12 months from today, however my instructor told myself and Scott (the other man going after his 2nd dan) 6 weeks prior that “by the way, you are grading in July”. Scott and I looked at each, laughed and said “oh well, I guess it’s time to get serious” (we also said some other things that I can not repeat). We learnt that we actually had everything inside of us that we needed and that if we got serious about our goal, we would achieve it. So we did.

We trained more, found time we didn’t have and learnt to relax and everything else we needed fell into place.

Things learnt today about goal setting:

  1. Trust your training, so make sure you are training
  2. There comes a time in life, business and everything you do that others will have to trust in what YOU know, so know the right stuff
  3. Avoid having to unlearn bad habits
  4. Sometimes you wont set the goal, it will be set for you by someone who already knows you know enough and can achieve it.
  5. Get serious sooner with your goal, because it changes everything.
  6. When you set your goal AND GET SERIOUS with it, everything you need falls into place.

Below is the speech I wrote to accept my 2nd Dan, I really liked it and I wanted to share it with you.

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One of the greatest accomplishments we can ever do is to go after a dream and then obtain that dream. It gives you this euphoric sense of doing something great with your life. Sure it may not mean anything to anyone else but it is what it means to you that matters more than anything else.

You can always tell the person who has gone after a dream and achieved it, the stand a little differently or see the world a little differently to everyone else.

Their confidence is evident and their belief is high in themselves and also in the world and what it offers.

Blackbelt was one of those things for me, I felt I had achieved something great for me personally but the question that has to be asked as soon as the goal is achieved is “what next”, you see many people actually stop and stand still when they achieve their initial goal or dream, they don’t set the next target and so the adventure the adrenaline and the wonder of what could be next dissipates and leaves and instead of the person who has confidence and a desire for the future you are a person who doubts themselves and what they can do.

I have found I needed to set that next goal, set the sail and go after what laid in front of me to do, even though I didn’t actually know what that was… Well I thought I didn’t anyway, but there is brilliance in what master Phil has done for us, He allowed us to realise what we knew and then own what we know.

In the training with Scott, who I am so thankful for, I believe we both realised that the stuff we had trained for we actually knew and could recall it.

There has to come a time when you trust your training. Sure you may not get it perfect but I guess that is part of the journey in its self, perfection is something we strive for but will never attain. It gives us that next goal.

We are blessed at DMA to not only have the best facility but also a teacher and master instructor that wants the best for his students.

This is a great time to chase your dreams, I hope you start again if you have stopped or keep going if you have started.

Thank you Master Phil for believing in us and training us, allowing our own personal strengths to come out rather than conform to what others thought they should be.

Also thanks to Scott for being a great mate and training partner.

But most importantly thanks to my wife who has put up with my complaints about sore joints bruises and more. I love you.

I’m 41 and need some joints to be healed but I think I also need a beer.


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