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Network Marketing Incentives play an interesting and crucial role around Christmas and holiday time. It is weird to think that Christmas is already over and we are sky rocketing towards the next Christmas already.

My family and I hope that Christmas brought a smile to your face and the face of someone you were able to bless, for many they took time off from their network marketing business but Network Marketing Professionals used the opportunity to build their businesses with the Network Marketing Incentives that most companies put out at that time of the year. 

Network marketing incentive
Incentive to Bali with my family

One of the things we love to do every year is bless a family or children with a gift, hamper or money. We love to be able to give back to someone else. It may not be a lot of money but we always hear or see joy from being able to give, I think we have the biggest grins 🙂 ourselves. I see Christmas an amazing opportunity to give back even more and remember what life is all about… Value to others!

These last holidays for us were amazing and because of what we have been blessed with, through the business we have, our holidays are continuing through our companies network marketing incentives.

We went camping with 7 families on a beautiful river with no power, running water (yes that includes showers and toilets) or amenities. All we had was a lot of food, drinks, fun and some of the best people you could ever get to hang with. These are the types of people you can’t wait to be with again and look forward to the next adventure, they are not what you would receive with a network marketing incentive, we do this to keep grounded and to show our beautiful daughters that life isn’t just about 5 star resorts in exotic locations.

These holidays I have been hunting for rabbits, we have travelled to Sydney to see my mum, my sister and my brother and now I am back home and time to get back into work because our company is amazing and have just launched another network marketing incentive that I intend to earn.

Yes I am back into business mode now, however we are off camping for 3 nights again in 2 weeks and then off to Maui, Hawaii in February and will be staying a beautiful 5 star hotel, just Kasey and I. Now I am excited about that.

Imagine a lifestyle like that, a lifestyle that allows you to take 6 – 8 weeks off every year, your income doesn’t drop, your smile hardly ever leaves your face and you get to continually give.

I was talking to one of our amazing team leaders, Naomi Enevoldson today and we were thinking how blessed we are to have a business like this and how confusing it is when people don’t make the choice to build a business like this and create a similar lifestyle, instead they choose to stay in their job, go for a promotion that keeps them locked up or hand cuffed to a desk and never actually achieve the dreams in their heart, instead their dreams become a distant memory too painful to bring up because they dropped the opportunity that would have allowed them to achieve them. Some of these people would look at network marketing incentives and think they are too hard to achieve, but in fact, they are available to everyone who is willing to work. Let’s face it, you are going to work for someone, you might as well work for yourself.

I am not telling you our lifestyle to make you jealous, I am showing you what we have because I want you to see what you can have and what is possible. We have

network marketing incentive to new zealand
Network Marketing Incentive to New Zealand

been to Bali, Australian Outback, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, USA main land about 8 times, Caribbean Cruise, Alaskan Cruise, Mauritius and the list keeps going on. We earned all of this through network marketing incentives. These are what is possible…not probable!

Possible is about dreams and vision and hope, probable is about confinement, walls and barriers.

You get to choose; are you going to live a life of “possibilities” or a life of “probabilities”, I know what brings more life and more excitement.

Living a life of “probables” would never have allowed us to build a business that sends us to Hawaii every year and then go on another international holiday in the middle of the year. (this year we are taking the whole family to Vietnam…talk about fun). If I had of decided to live a life of probables I would have stayed in my corporate career hoping to climb the ladder of success and hoping that the person in front of me, would move on quickly so that I could keep going up.

However I chose the life of “Possibles”, a life that says “anything is possible to those who believe” and then I chose to work and continue to work smart and hard and develop new skills regularly.

What I want to know is are you ready to move into a life of possibles and leave the life of probables?

If you are then message me now or click on this link and leave your details and let’s chat.
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