So here’s a question for you, do you reward bad behaviour in your network marketing business? Sometimes when you’re building your Network Marketing Business is can be tough and you have to make tough decisions. Like who do you support and who do you let go of for the time being? Yes these questions are asked by your leaders and normally they answer it based on the results and the energy that their teams and leaders are putting in.

So the question of do I reward bad behaviour in my network marketing business is an interesting one.

Have a look at this scenario. Let’s say you have business that requires more than 2 legs and you have 3 legs already. One of those legs is already established and has a bunch of leaders, the other 2 legs are still requiring work. Normally you would work down 1 of the legs to get it to a place of stability and growing on it’s own accord, but what do you do when the leg you are working in the leaders decide that they are not going to put as much effort in because you’re doing all the work?

Do you keep working in depth in that leg because it’s your next biggest leg, or do you switch to the other leg which is smaller but has a lot of excitement and energy?

Have you ever heard the saying “Work where you are deserved, not where you are wanted”? It really brings it home. When you are a network marketing leader, everyone will want your time, they will want your energy, they will want your brain lol (no not like zombies, your team are the greatest blessing you will ever have, I know because my team are the best in the world and I am so proud of them)

Check out what to do by watching this video!

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