The Network Marketing Text Messaging Strategy

Looking for a fast way to bring momentum into your team, create bigger results and make more money then The Network Marketing Text Messaging Strategy is what you need to know and understand right now!

This Network Marketing Text Messaging Strategy has totally changed the way I get a new person started, set appointments and even help people drive momentum.

Let’s look at why the Network Marketing Text Messaging Strategy is a great alternative:

  • A lot of people don’t like calling the people on their list and even when they do call them, the people don’t even pick up the phone, but almost instantly after the phone rings out, you receive a text message saying “hey sorry I missed your call. What’s up?”
  • People carry a lot of fear, fear of rejection, being hurt or even fear of change. So for them, the thought of calling someone and receiving what they perceive as a negative response is terrifying.
  • Your new business partners are generally time poor, so they are looking for ways to get the biggest bang for the time they are going to invest.

Network Marketing Text Messaging impacts all of these areas. It removes the fear of actually dialing a number, sending a text, especially the right text, is a lot simpler. Sending a text also removes a lot of fear, because they don’t have to listen to the persons voice saying either yes or no, so the emotions are not running as high and when it comes to time efficient, you can send out 20 texts in about 10 minutes and fill your diary within the hour. Talk about fast.

So what should you send in your texts for your network marketing text message strategy.

Remember that your text messaging is generally short and simple. Don’t get into long conversations etc.

Here are some simple messages to send:

Initial Network Marketing Text Message Contact:

  • “Coffee?”
  • “Are you free for a coffee on …?”
  • “Breakfast on …?”

When they respond positively:

  • Great I have an idea I want to run by you
  • Great I want your advice on an idea I have
  • Great I have a project I am working on that I want your feedback on
  • Great, I a friend of mine and I are working on a project and we want your thoughts

If they respond negatively by saying: that’s not network marketing, etc etc

  • Just back off and say, “Hey I just want to catch up and have a coffee with you, is that ok?” (and during the conversation with them, when you are having the coffee, ask them “When I asked you for a coffee, you came back and said …. why did you say that, are we ok?” The reason you ask them this, is you want the opportunity to explain the business to them, because they were the ones who brought it up initially. If they are still negative, then just back away and be their friend… Remember FRIENDS FIRST AND ALWAYS!!!

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Network Marketing Training Today head dude ~ James Hannan

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