The next big Network Marketing Training Question is answered now. This question you may not want to know is being asked because it directly links to you, yes you. You see the thing to understand is that your prospects are not just looking at your network marketing opportunity, they are looking at the network marketer, and that is you. They are asking themselves, “If I was to do this, would I have to follow you?”

Yesterday our Network Marketing Training Tip was “How Will I Be Trained” If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you head over there now.

So how are you putting yourself across, are you excited and confident or are you shy, withdrawn and have no personality?

All of this will play a part in how successful you are at bringing on your new recruit.

They are looking at what you wear, if you truly believe what you are saying and whether or not you can help them achieve their dreams.

So how do you answer this question without even saying anything?

OK allow me to give you some real network marketing training right here.

  1. Be confident. Do whatever it takes to build your confidence. Read the company articles on the product and comp plan.
  2. Know your system. Know and understand your system as outlined by your successful uplines, not the ones that are not active or truly have no clue, I am talking about the ones that are kicking big goals right now.
  3. Smile. The number 1 most important thing you can be doing is smiling and having fun. People dont want to join someone or something that is just boring and no fun.
  4. Dress well. This does not mean you have to go to high fashion. Just present yourself as a person who when a person first meets you, they are impressed.
  5. Practice, Practice and Practice some more. All top recruiters do this one thing, they go over and over and over the scripts and systems until they can say them in their sleep.

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