Network Marketing Training – How will I be trained?

We are going through a 4 part series answering what is your Network Marketing Prospect thinking. We have already answered the first Network Marketing Training questions here: “Is it simple?” and the second question “Can I do it here“.

Today we move into the 3rd question Network Marketing Training question “How will I be trained?”

Do you know the answer to this? Are you walking into your presentations with confidence about the next step? If not, then make sure you take the time to watch this video. It will help you to see an area that your new team member and their new team members may stumble over.

It has been something that I have seen many times. People get started, they even build a small business, however the big questions never get answered because they don’t have a place where their new team members can be trained.

It does not have to be an enormous program, it just has to be something that works, something that is duplicatable and accessible. One of our struggles was dealing with people who live all over our country (Australia is as big as the USA) and then our team great into New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, USA and so on. How to give the right network marketing training to an international organisation is difficult. So we spent a lot of time finding what works and what was needed for each market.

Watch today’s video, I know you will get a lot out of it.

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Network Marketing Training Today head dude ~ James Hannan
Network Marketing Training Today head dude ~ James Hannan

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