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Network Marketing Prospecting is easier than we believe. Sometimes I feel we make what we do too hard and we end up confusing or even repelling our prospects and even our brand new people. To give you an idea, I want to out line over the next 4 days what your prospect and your brand new team members are actually thinking, and they may not even be verbalising it.

I also want you to know that I have made this mistake many many times, it is why I can speak about it and why my experience will make your network marketing prospecting easier if you take on board what you are about to learn and then implement.

I want you to remember that time when you started to explain to your brand new person or prospect what they need to do to build their network marketing business. Do you remember seeing their eyes start to glaze over and their body language totally change? They may have crossed their arms and even their legs and the smile they had has turned into a look of real concern.

So what do you do with your network marketing prospecting to stop this from happening? Simple, you have to know what the question is that your prospect is asking “Is it simple?” That’s right, the first question your prospect is asking is “Is what you are proposing for me to do, simple or is it hard because I already have a lot on my plate, so if it is hard, I won’t be able to do it!”

Now that you know what the question is, it is imperative that you remove anything that would make your prospect feel like it is all too hard.

The trick is not to apologise for the work that a person needs to do or feel bad that they actually have to speak to people. You have to remember that business is about a product or service being exchanged for cash. So no matter what business you are in, you will need to move a product and or service. So be strong and be confident with no apology. Business is business, you just need to help them understand that you can train them how to prospect and speak to people.

The mistakes I have made in the past with my network marketing prospecting has been making people feel as though they need a blog, to write auto responders, facebook pages, twitter pages etc etc etc. Yes there are people who want to do this and I do do this, but NOT everyone wants to. So finding what your prospect wants to know and then being able to support that desire through your teams training is the key.

Make sure you watch todays video and I will cover more on network marketing prospecting and give you some tips.

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