Do you want to know my number 1 network marketing prospecting secret? It may not be what you want it to be, it’s not some kind of Jedi Mind Trick, in fact it isn’t a trick. It will require a bit of work but if you follow my instructions you will find it will increase your prospecting results faster than a kangaroo jumping down the fence line of the back paddock.

My number 1 prospecting secret is this, practice! There you go and I want you to know that it is also the number 1 secret for most top income earners in network marketing. We all say it and we all get frustrated because people don’t do it. They want our income, but they don’t want to do the things we did or we suggest. (Well some do, but most don’t).

Don’t do this when you are network marketing prospecting

What many people do is they take the scripts they are given, never look at them until they have the appointment in about 5 minutes, actually they pull the script out just before the person arrives and then they believe that they can be professional in the way they present their offer. They are doomed to failure however if by some grace from God that they are able to set the appointment, I have found this is normally only because the person they are speaking to is someone very close who respects them a lot, but for the rest of us, practice is incredibly important and will help you increase your results and change the game for you in a big way.

Do this instead when you are network marketing prospecting

One of my up and coming leaders is my younger sister. I am so proud of her, she is doing a great job and was just recognised at our international convention for her work. However she wants to start doing Facebook videos and marketing, and so the training begins. One of the things about prospecting secrets is that they flow over to everything you are doing when it comes to building your business. This includes your videos. At the moment Facebook is promoting heavily their facebook live videos, it would seem they are wanting to grab some of the market away from YouTube and this is understandable. One of the things I am training my sister on is when she speaks to come from her “true self” or speak with her “true voice”. This is the place we speak from that is our very centre, not our heads.

This is the same for your prospecting in network marketing, when you practice you are able to come from a place of confidence and belief because you KNOW what you are going to say, however if you have not practiced, how can you have confidence.

Confidence is everything when you are network marketing prospecting.

Put the time aside to build your understanding and your confidence. Don’t be mean to yourself by not allowing yourself to grow and giving yourself a chance to become better.

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