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Welcome to todays Network Marketing Prospecting lesson. Today is lesson 2 of 4 on prospect is actually thinking. If you haven’t read the first article in our Network Marketing Prospecting series, then head over there now and make sure you watch the video and leave a comment as well.

The key to the presentation and prospecting component is understanding that there are 4 questions that your prospect is asking and today we go through the 2nd question “Can I do it?”

Too many times I see Network Marketers start prospecting and then presenting with no regard to what they are actually saying or how they are positioning what we do. Instead of making sure that what we do is seen as being “simple” it is seen as being too hard and so the 2nd question gets answered in the negative “No I can’t!”

So how do you make sure you let the person you are speaking to see that “They can do it”?

It is all in the way you prospect and the way you present and whether or not you have a system. The system is the key because it removes more obstacles than you could ever imagine.

In your prospecting talk about success stories as often as you can. Let your prospect hear that other people are doing it. This brings acceptance that if someone else can do it, then so can I.

Talk about the support you receive and how simple what you do “I love how simple this business is.” But remember, people are not really listening to what you say, they are looking at what you do so take the time to analyse exactly what you are doing and what your prospect is seeing. One of the ways I help our team do this is I get them to record themselves on their phones etc and then watch it back.

During the presentation, use a presentation or if you are going to write on the back of a beer coaster (YES I have done this and helped people get started at over $1200, and MOST of my people came on from this kind of presentation. You can also use a napkin.) What ever presentation you use, make sure it is simple. Today our team have a “Napkin Presentation”, it is a 2 page A 4 presentation that they just have to follow and it works beautifully. Another option is just print out your power point and put the sheets in a folder and use that. Whatever you do, make it simple.

Feel free to share this with anyone who might be in need of dreaming big to keep them going.

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