I just had the funniest morning, and realised my wife is the biggest storyteller I know. Keep reading and I will explain why story telling is a powerful tool in your network marketing business prospecting.

I was away visiting my family last week for a few days and so today my wife and I decided to go out for some morning tea and spend a little time together, have a laugh and talk about stuff…(you know what I mean, just enjoying each others company).
Anyway, what normally happens is we go out for coffee, have a slice of cake and then I get persuaded to accompany her to some kind of shop, it could be shoes, clothes, kids stuff, you name it, there is always something to go look at…and this happened this morning.

While I was waiting for her to look at a new pair of shoes, she started telling the sales assistant a story around each paid of shoes she puts on and why those weren’t the shoes for her, but then when she did find the pair she wanted, they didn’t have her size.

What I realised was that we each need to know how to tell the story. The story about why we got into business, the story of testimonies for ourselves and people we know…tell the story that speaks to the person we are talking to in a way that they will be interested.

This is another key to big results in your network marketing prospecting.

Obviously you need to have the persons attention before you start telling the story, you need to know what they are interested in and make sure you have the story that speaks to their desire.

If they want to lose weight, have a weight loss story, if they want to make money, have a making money story.

Have you ever noticed that you get drawn in by a good story teller, someone who knows how to create highs and lows, someone who knows how to relate to where you are and is able to create an answer for the one thing no one has been able to help you with?

That is the power of a good story teller.

So today let me give you a little bit of homework that will really help you increase your results:

    1. Think about what the benefits of the product and or service is that you have.
    2. Find out the different testimonies that people have around your product and/or service.
    3. Get the background of the people with their testimonies.
    4. Practice telling those stories.
    5. Remember FORM…is the key to true success in prospecting.

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