I don’t know why I am still answering the question why use facebook or why so many old timers are so set against Facebook even though it has been proven over and over again to be one of the most dynamic shifts in network marketing since the introduction of the audio cassette as a prospecting tool (Yes I started off building my business handing out audio cassette tapes and no I am not old, well I don’t think I am anyway haha).

The other issue I am seeing now is that company directors who used to be against networking organisations using Facebook are now jumping on board, however instead of training their organisations to build their own personal brand, they are training them to build the company brand. This is a mistake but I will cover it in an upcoming article.

Today we are going to focus on why you as a network marketing professional should use Facebook. It is my hope that this article will encourage and excite you to start learning how to use Facebook as a professional to build your business and create something incredible.


First we will look at the obvious, Facebook is big and I mean REAL BIG. The growth and speed at which this company is moving is nothing short of staggering. With well over 1 Billion people now actively using Facebook it’s pretty easy to see why every business owner should have some kind of presence on the monolith that is Facebook.

Within this 1 Billion people are communities, groups, interests, people asking questions, looking for solutions, receiving training, buying products. Facebook has changed the way people interact online forever. It has allowed people like you and me to show people what we like, what we are passionate about, what we don’t like and what we down right hate. In some ways it is down right scary to see what people are sharing on Facebook and what they feel comfortable with the world to see. It definitely is true that what you put up on Facebook the world sees, so be careful.

The thing is we can not be afraid, we must adopt, embrace and use this platform. Many become stubborn, they say “I won’t use it out of principle because I don’t like what it stands for or what happens”. And while I understand this thought process and have at times wanted to jump on board, I realised pretty quickly that I could learn how to manage my interaction on Facebook and keep my principles or I could watch my bank account decline. I chose the former.

Any professional networker will tell you their team that they need to be where the people are, they need to build relationships, get involved in the community, join BNI groups, join sporting teams, social groups and so on, and while yes these are all still valid and I do tell my team to do this, all of these things are now happening online within the walls of Facebook.

You can find sporting groups, business groups, maternity groups, fashion groups, health groups, weight loss groups, christian groups, network marketing groups all within the Facebook community without even leaving your home.


Even though I am saying you can find all of these things within Facebook and you don’t even need to leave your house, to build a long term stable business and to truly connect with your clients and business partners, you MUST get out to see them. Find ways to connect and build relationships offline. So you find the people online and then take the relationship offline as soon as possible to build that deeper connection and trust.


The Key:
You must learn specific strategies to make Facebook work for you, to make it a profitable platform and not a waste of time. Learning what to post, how to post, how to brand, how to position yourself is absolutely integral to your success and while you can fumble around on your own making your own mistakes and paying the cost for them I highly recommend that you get professionally trained.

I will give you many ideas, strategies and little facebook tips for network marketers, however there is nothing better than investing in your future and putting the time aside to learn.

I am hoping by now you are seeing why use Facebook as a network marketer. But here are those highlights again:
1.    There are over 1 Billion people on Facebook.
2.    They are already liking, commenting and sharing information about products just like yours.
3.    Facebook is going to continue to grow, they are not going away.
4.    Every social group you can think of is on Facebook and some you would never think of.

All you have to do now is learn how to use it and you will be well on your way to the top ranks of your network marketing company.

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