Why would you need to get over rejection? It’s the weirdest thing, you have a party going on. You have paid for the food, arranged all the best entertainment and you know with every part of your being that if they decide to turn up, they will have the time of their life, so much so that it could dramatically change their lives forever.

So you send out the invitations, you invite all of your friends and family, the ones you love and care about. The ones that you want to hang with and enjoy this incredible party, this event of a lifetime. You even employ some of the best marketers to go and spread the word to make sure that your friends don’t miss out.


Everyone decides they have something better to do, some where else they need to be and that the long lost aunt on their wife’s sisters side whom they have never even met now, on this very day they need to go and visit them and even the marketers you hired, the ones who did your letter box drop and wrote your flyers etc etc etc come back bloodied and bruised. So what do you do, how do you overcome such rejection and keep going, because the people you love the most said no, they decided to show you their true colours and supposedly reject you.

I was reading the bible this morning and I love seeing how Jesus would do things, I found:

Matt 2: 8 – “Then He said to His servants, the wedding is ready, but those who were invited ‘were not worthy’…”

Do you see a wonderful example here. Jesus doesn’t take on other people’s decisions as His own. He says their decisions proved they were not worthy to partake in the party.

So what did He do. He went to the next line of people, He spread His net wider. He went bigger and made the party happen anyway.

Now think about this for your recruiting and business building efforts. You know and want your loved ones to join you, however they may or may not choose to do so. Change your mindset and thoughts from being “rejected” to that they were not worthy to be with you. They didn’t cut it.

It’s time to pick yourself up and go to the next level, to help others to see what you have and what you bring. Let go of their preconceived notions on what works and what doesn’t, they don’t know, but you do in your heart of hearts.

You know that if you give this everything you have, you will win, you will succeed. But it’s about letting go of the rejection of those close to you and even those you don’t really know. Look at their decision differently and see it as them not being worthy and realising that there are many many others who are looking for a party to be invited to. So go invite them.

So my 3 tips on how to overcome rejection:


1.    Look at those that choose not to take you up on your invitation to join the party as not being worthy rather than you missed out. Make it so they missed out in your mind. Yes you are more than likely a very caring person and this may be hard, however for your own preservation, allow yourself to see, it’s not you that isn’t worthy, it’s them.
2.    Spread the net. Understand that there are a lot of people who want what you have, so give it to them. Give them the opportunity to join you, to be excited about what you have. You need to invite them to the party because you are ready for them. They are just waiting for someone to invite them, so it might as well be you.
3.    Enjoy the party yourself. No one likes a host that isn’t enjoying themselves. You need to lead by example, so allow others to follow you and be inspired by you. You have worked hard to get to this point, now share it with others.

Jesus is such a wonderful example of how we can get over rejection and how we can move on. He is so loving and caring and never forgets anyone or closes the door. However, He does keep moving on while allowing those who said no to say yes. We do the same. When your loved ones say yes, make them feel welcomed. I know you will.


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