Has it happened to you yet, has one or more of your team left you to start joining other network marketing companies? If they haven’t don’t worry, it will happen. If you are in network marketing for any period of time, you will see team members, people you have given hours and hours and hours of time to, listened to their stories, cried with them, laughed with them and got angry with them, leave your team and join another network marketing business or even sometimes, join someone else’s team in the same company, just because they drank the “Kool-Aid” that life would be greener somewhere else.

While yes I do believe that there are times that people should move on from one team to another or one company to another, it should not be done without a lot of thought and it MUST be as a last and final measure.

The question is “why do people leave one organisation to join another or one company to go to another?” It’s a valid question and only sometimes the answer is correct.

Another question is “why do they leave and succeed at the next company with in months or a year or so but couldn’t make it happen in their current company?”

Let’s look at these questions today, find out the why and then get the answer.

First: Why do they leave to join someone else?
The are many valid reasons. Companies close down or make major mistakes and lose the trust of the associate base: When this happens the writing is on the wall. Of course if they close down, the associates have no choice but to find somewhere else, however when trust is lost in a company, the companies executives have to work like crazy to get it back. Many times you will see management removed and products change. You will see compensation plans enhanced and offers given. All of these things must happen because if they don’t, the field leaders will leave.

But today it’s not about why people leave a company, its about why do people leave a team or organisation. You see even when a company stuffs up, and yes they do and will, they are run by humans and they are fallible like you and I so give them some slack, but when a company stuffs up, if the leader has a strong connection with their team, they can manage the storm, they can keep their team together and they can see the sunlight through the clouds. However if the leader does not have a strong connection and relationship with their team, they will lose them.

You will have different types of people within your team. You will have the new person who has never been in the industry before or even in business. When they first make a decision to get started their eyes are opened to possibilities and dreams. The see what could happen if they build and they start talking to people. The thing is, because this whole new world has been opened up to them, their friends who have been around in “their own” network marketing company for a while see that their friend should have joined them and so they sow seeds of doubt.

Now this is where leadership comes in. The seeds of doubt that are being sowed are “you joined the wrong company” Their “friends” who should be shouting them on and encouraging them but instead are being selfish and telling them all the bad things that are supposedly wrong with the new persons company and all the great things in their company. Now the new person doesn’t know what to do…in steps the strong leader.

You as the leader must have the connection with your team member. Your connection must be one that when they hear from you they know you genuinely care about them. They must see you as a friend and as someone who will help them get to the top. If you doubt your abilities or the company, so will they. Then your friend will drink the Kool-Aid of the other person and see their confidence and go with them or worse, drop out completely.

You as the leader must be in a place where you have made a decision that “this is where you are and this is where you will stay”. When you have made that decision it is like a foundation that your team can launch from. They see it as something they can trust and even when their belief is low, they see that yours isn’t. Yours is strong and so that gives them strength.

It is one of the reasons why leaders must always stay active. You must always stay engaged. YES you can go on holidays and have time off, otherwise if you can’t do that, then this industry is a lie, but that happens when you build teams. However if your business isn’t growing then you have to take a long hard look at yourself and ask “am I fully engaged?” A good way to know this is looking at how many calls you are making, how many presentations, how much positive interaction with your team. All of this plays a massive part in your business.

If you don’t show leadership to your team, someone else will and they will lead them directly out of your business and into theirs. Everything is about leadership. So you must show it.

Why do people leave one company and join another and succeed?
This is such a powerful question, you know the answer I have found. Yes there are many variables, the products, the comp plan, the management team, the company culture etc etc etc… however the big thing I have found…

It’s because that person wasn’t prepared to be “the person they are now in the old company”. People succeed in their new company but failed in their old company because they weren’t prepared to be the person they are in the new company, in their old company.

Its a powerful aha moment isn’t it. Like I have said before, I do believe there are times people should move on, I have had many many people join my team from other companies. But they don’t do it lightly, they do it because of major issues and lack of leadership. They come and join us and they start winning. Why? Because they are able to feel comfortable in releasing the skills and abilities they have learnt in their new environment.

The challenge I want to give everyone today is this. Can you be the person you need to be where you are and if you can, go and be that person. Go and chase your dreams go and become and network marketing legend. If you can’t then see if you can work through the issues and make the changes. You need to let things go, and move on. Make the decision and get on with life.

“Always remember, that if you don’t lead your team, someone else will straight out of your organisation and into theirs.”

It’s time to lead, its time to stop allowing your team to leave due to lack of leadership, it’s time to realise you have it within you to be more than you realise.

Be the reason for your success not the reason for your excuse.


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