network marketing incentivesAs I am writing this post, my company has just launched what I would classify as one of the boldest incentives in the history of Networking.

Why do I say this?

Well, ANYONE and EVERYONE can win something…

Imagine not just earning cash for building your business but also being recognised and receiving rewards like holidays, Spa treatments, Outings…you name it, over 2,500 things to choose from…

So a brand new person who gets started, follows the system can be making money and earning an incentive straight away…

When was the last time your boss did that for you or you got an added bonus just for doing what you have to do to build your business?

So let me answer that question…do incentives work in Home Based Business…YES THEY DO!!!

Why would anyone not want something extra.

Incentives like these remove obstacles for individuals and increase excitement. It is not just about the top people making all the money and winning all the trips. These types of incentives allow everyone to get recognised for their efforts and I love it…

An incentive needs to be achievable, worth it and fun…This one IS!!!

If you are ready to make the change and want to be a part of the biggest incentive this industry has ever seen then leave your details below.

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God Bless

James Hannan


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    2 replies to "Do Incentives Work To Build Your Business"

    • Jill Yacobucci

      Great article! Yes incentives do drive people and keep them focused on their goals! Alot of people aren’t doing this business just for money – but, recognition, trips, you name it!

    • James

      Thanks Jill
      just checked out your page…great start. Well done 🙂

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