Where are you with your network marketing system?

Network Marketing System type 1: The Belief

Network Marketing System type 2: The Confusion

Network Marketing System type 3: The Simplicity

We have spoken before about how important it is to have a network marketing system so now we go through the 3 types of network marketing systems.

Now you make look at my 3 types and want to add some of your own or you may not even agree with my explanation, and then there are some who will agree whole heartedly.

It does not matter which one you are, what matters is that I get you thinking and help you start to see the truth about what makes this business work.

I know these three types of network marketing systems very well, I know them well because I have built all three and seen their impact.

The interesting thing I have seen though is that they all work, they all get results and they all help people build their business.

Why? Because even though the network marketing system in my mind is critical for success, it is the belief in what the associate is doing and what they are using that actually drives the business. Yes if the network marketing system is easy to use and actually has been tested by veterans in the industry, then it is going to work even better, however, and this is a big however, remember that it is your belief and the belief of your team that will drive your network marketing business and your system should build that belief.

The changes I have made to our network marketing system:

We have been in the top 10 income earners in Australasia for our company since 2002 and in that time our network marketing system has gone through some pretty big changes.

As the market has changed, so have we. Sometimes it took longer than we would have hoped, but that is just what happens.

We have gone from handing our tapes (yes that is what we started with, cassette tapes haha) and CDs, holding the meetings in hotels and halls and having monthly and quarterly events. Then there was a major shift that happened and we went to webinars, websites, facebook & blogs to now we actually incorporate all of it and I am more excited today than I have been in a long time.

Network Marketing System type 1: The Belief

This is where the business is not built with any real kind of strategy or system. The associates and leadership are relatively new to this type of business but need something that they can use to help grow and develop their team.

At this stage business is generally very exciting because the thing that is building the business is actually the hype and adrenalin everyone has at the start. They don’t have much skill but they just love what they are doing.

There will come a time within 24 – 36 months where this system will be required to go to a whole new level, it will be forced to develop it’s people because hype only lasts so long.

Network Marketing System type 2: The Confusion

The network marketing system type 2 generally happens after type 1 because the leaders are looking at what they have and are not sure what they should keep, what they should let go of and what they need to change and when they finally make a decision, they second guess that decision and do not give it time enough to be proven.

This creates confusion within the team, because a lot of the time what is adopted is a very detailed and very confusing network marketing system that has lost the simplicity of what they once had.

They cater to everyone and while they try to cater to everyone, they end up catering to no one because their network marketing system has too many directions they can go, rather than just making it simple enough for anyone to be able to do.

This is where you either lose many associates and leaders or they go and decide to do their own thing rather than helping you find a solution or making what you have better.

Network Marketing System type 3: The Simplicity

This is where every successful business HAS to end up or they will not grow. They will stay in the place of confusion and small results for way too long and die the death of a thousand cuts.

The challenge is making sure you have enough but not too much.

You want your network marketing system to be simple enough for anyone to be able to use and develop your team into leaders while at the same time have the ability for people to use both offline and online strategies.

The problem within a network marketing system, is when you start talking about online strategies like facebook & autoresponders, many people old timers and non internet savvy people start to have their eyes gloss over and think it is all too hard, however it isn’t at all but you have to be able to show them that.

So your network marketing system needs to be able to show the simplicity of both offline and online business building strategies because I believe 100% that the advent of autoresponders, websites and social media has changed the face of network marketing forever. It is just now up to us to make sure that the people are we training and developing see that simplicity.

Over the next little while I want to stay on this topic of network marketing system.

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