What do you need to succeed in network marketing? It’s a simple question however many of us leaders (me included) don’t always give the best answers. Sometimes we make it so hard. We tell people they must learn this, and know that. It becomes a never ending circle of learning, and while yes learning is important, it’s not one of the most important. I have seen people stay in the learning circle their entire career and never get out of it. Nothing ever changes, they become full of knowledge and theory however they never build never move into action.

People ask me all the time, what did you do to build such a large business and when I tell them, it’s like the light turns on and they have this epiphany or breakthrough however I do see some that are quite challenged as well. Because the answer is simple in it’s reality but can be quite alarming in it’s action.

When you do this, you REMOVE THE OPTION OF FAILURE. You see failure is always an option when you have something to fall back onto. That “something” could be another job, another opportunity, Social Security from the government, welfare, your parents, your friends and relations. When you have something or someone else that will be there in case you can’t make it work or even worse, change your mind, then failure is always an option.

When you remove all other options, you don’t have the luxury of failure and so you don’t entertain it.

The answer is this: Remove Plan B AND Any Other Options You May Have.

You see while you have other options, you will never fully embrace the opportunity you have. A great story to truly convey this truth is the story of the Vikings I once heard, now I am not sure of the truth of the story, however it is a good illustration and so we will run with it anyway.

The story goes, that the reason the Vikings were so ruthless in their conquering new countries and lands was because when they landed on the beaches of a new country, they would burn their ships so that the soldiers knew, that there was no retreat and no way back, so they had better win or they would die. Now thats taking it to a whole new level of intention.

If you were one of those soldiers heading to the beach of a new country how would you be feeling at that moment knowing that as soon as you landed and unloaded that the captain would be setting fire to the ship and there would be no way back to the home you have always known. There would be no way back to your comfort zone. What would your emotions be? For me I would be feeling quite unsure about things. First I wouldn’t know if I was going to live or die and if I did live, what was I going to do?

So why did they do it? They did it for the dream. The dream of victory, of riches and a better life. The dream that it had to be better than where they came from and if they succeed and if they won then the reward would be worth the sacrifice.

Does that sound familiar?

Of course it does, it’s the same reasons we use for building our businesses unfortunately for most, its done with a lot less intent. What would happen though if you made a decision to do something, if you removed all other options and just went for it. If you trusted yourself and removed the option of failure?

I also love the Australian Coat of Arms. The two animals we have are the Emu and the Kangaroo. There is such an incredible story behind those two animals and why they were chosen, besides the fact that our coat of arms is the only one in the world where the animals are both edible (and taste great by the way), the real reason is that neither of these two animals can retreat, they can only go forward… I love that and adopt that into the way I think and act. Retreat is not an option and so I must win.

Let’s say you remove all other options, what would happen for you? How would you treat the business and the activity you take within your business? Would you do more, wake earlier and waste less time? Would you choose to do different activities with your time?

I know I have and do. Right now I have moved into that place again of conquering new levels and new lands, for me I don’t have any other options.

When you move into this place, you will find your eyes will widen, your heart will quicken and your excitement will rise. I am pumped about my future and I am busy making it happen. I find that if I stop, then fears come in and I become more and more paralysed. This feeling won’t help me and I know it won’t help you.

Join me today in making the decision that you will remove all other options. You will succeed and you will win because you don’t have the luxury of looking back, you can only look forward.

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